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Some of the figures released for the months of January through April by China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) show some stability, but others are worrying. In particular the unemployment rate, which has posted a record level since the creation of the statistics [il est de 5,7 % au premier trimestre 2022 dans les zones urbaines]. In addition, there is a striking drop in tax revenue during this same period in metropolises such as Shenzhen, Suzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou, which is the consequence of the pandemic. [au niveau national, la baisse des revenus fiscaux est de 4,4 % par rapport au premier trimestre 2021].

The SNB or economists each have their own interpretation of these data [voir encadré]. But for ordinary people, the most important thing is not macroeconomics or statistics, it is the reality of their daily life: how are the incomes in their families? Are they still able to honor the deadlines of their mortgage?


Since April 26, a video titled “Payday” (Faxini) widely circulated on social media. Zhang Qiang, a renowned vascular surgeon, founder of the private medical group Dr. Smile, recounts how, during confinement, he had to cycle more than 40 kilometers to pick up an essential bank authentication USB key from his office. to transfer money and pay staff.

If this video has known such a diffusion, it is first of all because Internet users have been in awe of the professional conscience of Doctor Zhang, anxious not to cause delays in payment of salary because of the epidemic. He explains in the video, and in a subsequent interview:

“I have staff who do a very good job and who are very serious. It’s a bit embarrassing to say, but these are people who also

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Fenghuang Wang (Beijing)

The magazine’s website Fenghuang (Phoenix Weekly), now based in Beijing, retains a bit of the openness of a Hong Kong media originally. It attaches to the coverage of social subjects a little more varied than the continental press, while remaining within very wise limits.

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