ATC (Argentina Television Color).

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is the television in color!” With those words and a huge smile, Lidia “Pinky” Satragno introduced the blue and white flag, which was projected on the huge screens. Was the first color broadcast on Argentine TVjust started on May 1, 1980, just 42 years ago, five decades after the invention of television.

Before the black and white countdown began, tens of thousands of families gathered in living rooms in front of televisions to share those images with emotion. Although really were the second scenes in colorsince the final of the 1978 World Cup, which the national team beat the Netherlands 3-1, had been broadcast as a preview.

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“I come to say goodbye to an old friend,” the model, actress and host Pinky said then. I have to say goodbye to black and white television. Many years ago one walked through the streets of Buenos Aires and saw a number of people crowded in front of a shop window, looking at the first images on black and white television.” And finally, he asked himself: “What image will you see now, in color? …”.

ATC (Argentina Television Color).

After the national flag waved on the mast of a ship, against the blue background of a diaphanous skyPinky reappeared. Her beautiful and elegant dress, which a few seconds before had looked black, turned out to be that color indeed. Behind him, the books on the shelves showed their royal hues, red, gold, and green.

Next, at ATC (Argentina Color Television) began the deferred transmission of the friendly football match that Argentina had won the previous afternoon against a team from the League of Ireland by 1-0. It was with a goal from Diego Maradona 12 minutes into the second half, at the Monumental. In parallel, Channel 13 showed a movie.

How was the first color broadcast on Argentine television 42 years ago: emblematic programs

Sports shows were the ones that added the most audience at that time. The programming also included soap operas, live family shows, series and movies. For the boys, they were unmissable The Pilus Captainon the screen of The thirteenY the tom and jerry showby ATC.

Other emblematic programs that from then on accompanied Argentine families were humorous projects such as “don’t touch button”, which was broadcast on Channel 11 between 1981 and 1986, and on Channel 9 in 1987, and the contests “Hi Susan”, released on ATC in 1987, and “Finalísima del humor”.

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Cycles also accompanied several generations “Happy Sunday” (Channel 9 1970-2005), “badia and company” (premiere on Channel 9 in 1883, Channel 13 1984-1988) and “Sunday night” (the cycle of Gerardo Sofovich, whose debut was in El Trece in 1987) and the successful unitaries “limit situation” (1984) and “Men of Law” (ATC 1987-1989).

How was the first color broadcast on Argentine television 42 years ago: historical broadcast

Thirty years before color transmission, the first broadcast on Argentine television showed in black and white the act of Loyalty Day in the May Plaza. And it was doubly historic , since it presented the last public event where Eva Peron accompanied Juan Domingo Peron.

The television was carried out by Channel 7, which had originally been LR3 Radio Belgrano TV, later it was called ATC and now it is the Public Television. Two weeks later, a match between San Lorenzo Y River Plate in the Old Gasometer marked the initial kick in the transmission of local soccer.

Only on November 25, 1957, the decree that authorized the creation of private channels was signed. The first, in 1960, were Canal 12 de Córdoba (April 18), Canal 9 (June 9) and Canal 13 (October 1). Then came Channel 11 (July 21, 1961) and Channel 2, from La Plata (June 25, 1966).

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