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Huge amounts of fluid of unknown origin have been found in the Baltic Sea

Huge amounts of fluid of unknown origin have been found in the Baltic Sea

According to the Swedish Coast Guard, the liquid of unknown origin found in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland is not a mineral oil, but it is thought to be a biofuel. The leak covered an area of ​​85 square kilometers in the Baltic Sea area, which separates the two countries.

Since the leak was detected on Wednesday, samples have been taken to find out what the material is and planes have flown over it to assess how far it has spread and how much environmental damage it has done. The Coast Guard said in a statement that

it is still unclear what the spilled liquid is, but it is not mineral oil and there is currently no immediate danger of it being landed.

They are investigating environmental pollution

A preliminary investigation has also been launched into environmental crimes. The Coast Guard said it was investigating, among other things, which ships were in the area and what their cargo was.

Recently, it has become more common to see oil in addition to other materials have been spilled – writes the Independent. Jonatan Tholin, head of the Coast Guard investigation, says the origin of the substance is difficult to trace.

more and more new fuels are being transported at sea, such as biofuels, and when they come into contact with water, they exhibit a wide range of behaviors, making it difficult to quickly identify what a substance is.

The Coast Guard has said it will not be able to comment on what action it will take on the spill until next week’s analysis of the samples is completed.

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