Terrorism against children

Human groups that are transforming, we have spent millions of years in this social transformation, we are still in the era of green food, we follow diets with fewer calories, many are vegan and they don’t even like the egg with onion and tomato anymore. We have been consuming green for millions of years, we love everything green and if it is for many, the green of marijuana, better if it is medicinal. We have been drinking green tea and aromatic plants for years, coffee, a drink that comes from the green of the mountains and they brought it to us from Africa.

Human groups become sentient, they created gods and worshiped them with the hearts of captured prisoners, the gods came out at night with the stars, constellations and planets near the earth. The human groups became sensitive and no longer had slaves, they were treated like pack animals, like those who had no rights, they were hardly given salt and that is where the word salary comes from. The human groups of the Greeks modified the thought about living in the city, about having democracy and being able to choose.

The human groups had images of leaders and the ideology of political parties and they also had soccer teams to distract the citizens, they did not have the Roman circus. Political ideologies quickly changed social systems, the economic strata that existed with the feudal lords changed and the bourgeois lords gave their daughters a better surname and put their sons to work with the surname of their wife who was a duchess and even baroness. The new alliances became mercantilist and traded with women and surnames as a presidential candidate does these days.

Human groups make agreements, sign conventions, make acts and commitments, some in distention zones, others in neighboring countries, others between the presidency and a large estate so that everything is better among those who know about the pyramid of relatives and can only be known years after they return from being away from the internal affairs of the country for a while. Human groups tend to repeat and not argue their authoritarian tendencies. Human groups tend to manage things without keeping in mind the norm of a political constitution that gives tools to citizens.

Human groups tend to have the ability to create fear, terror, suggestion, they do not reason, it seems they were invincible, until an earthquake arrives, before a force of nature and before an attack by wild beasts, human groups humiliate themselves before the weapons, shields, armor of feudal lords, a human group humiliates itself before hunger and thirst, but not the thirst for revenge, because an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth as the popular saying goes, human groups humiliate themselves before the pamphlet that is no longer thrown out the door but instead reaches WhatsApp.

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