Hundreds of passengers stranded in Ezeiza after a second Venezuelan-Iranian plane changed its itinerary and did not arrive in the country

hundreds of passengers that they were going to take flight VO9502, from conviasa, that was diverted to Bolivia, were stranded in the Ezeiza International Airport and protested to be transferred to hotels, until they have news about their departure.

In a video that circulated on social networks, it can be seen how those affected, mostly Venezuelans, sought to attract the attention of the company by demonstrating in the departure hall of the airport. In the images it can be seen that there are families with babies and minors, among the passengers.

This happened after the Conviasa flight -the company sanctioned by the United States- bound for Buenos Aires landed in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia, and did not complete its last stretch. The plane landed at the Bolivian airport, but it was not in his plan to continue to Ezeiza (where he never appeared on the arrival screens).

According to reports, the government of Nicolás Maduro would have decided not to continue to Buenos Aires for fear that the aircraft could be seized, after the international scandal with the Emtrasur flight that landed in Ezeiza with Venezuelan and Iranian crew members. This triggered the alarms and the information agenda in the country that was filled with conspiracy theories, suspicions and surprising explanations about the activity of those involved and the reasons that would have brought them to Argentina.

This plane of the Venezuelan state company Conviasa was recently purchased to the iranian company MahanAir. The suspicions, promoted by opposition sources in that country, were that he was coming to pick up the delayed crew members and that he was going to refuel the Emtrasur plane (a company of the Conviasa group) so that it could leave Argentina.

However, it would not have been possible to take the crew, who are currently prohibited from leaving the country, or freely supply fuel to the 747 because Justice has the ship under its control.

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