Hungarian inflation is not as bad as we thought so far

According to Eurostat, inflation in the western part of the continent was generally much lower than in the eastern part. The lowest value was measured in France (5.8 per cent) and the highest in Estonia (20.1 per cent).

Hungarian inflation was 10.8 percent, the ninth worst in the comparison. It is noteworthy, however, that the Central and Eastern European region has achieved almost worse results:

  • 15.2 percent for the Czechs,
  • 13.4 percent for Bulgarians,
  • 12.8 percent for Poles,
  • 12.4 percent for Romanians,
  • And among Slovaks, they measured 11.8 percent.

Inflation was lower in Croatia, but it was just 10.7 percent. Among Hungary’s western neighbors, the rate of deterioration was 8.7 percent for Slovenes and 7.7 percent for Austrians.

Eurostat according to his data inflation has by far affected energy prices the most:

in this respect, the rate of price increase was 39.1 percent.

Food came in second, with a 7 percent price increase for processed products and a 9 percent price increase for unprocessed products.

(Cover image: P├ęter Papajcsik / Index)

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