5/12/2012 21:38

This is urged by the Our Country Movement, which believes that the food crisis could be resolved by moving towards self-sufficiency.

According to party chairman László Toroczkai, there may be several reasons why one of the pollsters brought them out this week as the current most popular opposition party. One is that they produced a surprising result in the election, and this has been driving those who have been sympathetic to them ever since. The number of people applying to join the party has increased significantly in recent weeks. However, he confirmed that current right-wing members will not be added to their ranks.

The food crisis is already around our necks, and we are facing serious inflation, Toroczkai continued. As the Hungarian food industry has been destroyed in recent decades, urgent action is needed. The essence of their proposal to the government is that the domestic food industry should be rebuilt with a state role, which would mean helping 700 small and large companies.

And the new land division does not mean that our country wants to be nationalized ”

The party’s faction leader noted on ATV’s Straight Talk.

According to their idea, the land law should also be settled so that speculators, even Hungarian oligarchs, cannot abuse Hungarian farmland.

(Cover image: László Toroczkai. Photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)

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