"I felt like I was dying": Lety Calderón returns to the hospital as an emergency

Mexico City.- The followers of Lety Calderon were shocked after the actress’s announcement that she had contracted the virus from sars-cov-2so she had to be rushed to the hospital.

They still could not recover from one when the soap opera actress was already announcing her return to the hospital, this time due to complications in the respiratory system, and after the tremendous scare, Lety thought she would lose her life.

During her recent meeting with representatives of the media, the artist revealed: “Recently I had a severe respiratory spasm, I felt like I was suffocating and dying, I was very scared… I ended up in the hospital, and Luciano told me, ‘Mom, you can’t leave me, what am I going to do without you?'”

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The actress thought she would die and was grateful to be able to live for her children. Photo: Special.

But, after hearing the special request of his eldest son, Calderón reconsidered: “I swear to God that they did open my eyes to say, ‘what if I had died!’ I really couldn’t breathe for a couple of minutes or I don’t know how long, it took me forever, and I already imagined that my children would find me dead in the bathroom, because I ran to the bathroom to pour water on myself”.

The actress who participated in melodramas such as “In the name of love”, “Esmeralda” and “Amor bravío” acknowledged that now more than ever she is worried about her role as a mother: “It gave me a feeling that I told her: ‘that’s why we have to hurry up so that you learn to do things, so that tomorrow, not right now, I hope in God, tomorrow that I have to go, I’ll be prepared to live alone, he and the other (Carlo) ” .

After contracting Covid-19, Lety had to return to the hospital. Photo: Special.

Finally, the actress thanked the press for respecting her children’s privacy and not talking about the legal problems facing her father, Juan Colladowhen they are present.

“When we go to a carpet, I am afraid that they are going to ask him and right now I really thank you very much for not asking you things, above all, that can hurt you and that can get you out of the wave, the truth, I thank you with all my heart and do not believe, if I have realized that they are very discreet when I am with them”, he thanked.

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