Mica Viciconte's words on her birthday (Instagram photo @micaviciconte)

2022 brings with it pure happiness for Mica Viciconte. After the announcement of her pregnancy in November, she began to live fully in the midst of the competition in Master Chef Celebrity 3 (Telefe), which later had her as champion. A few weeks after winning the reality show, through the days leading up to birth of his first son, Luca, fruit of his relationship with Fabián Cubero. She has a due date for May 7, so she is experiencing a very moving preview with great changes in the appearance of her belly, which he did not hesitate to share on his Instagram account. “I have it crooked”, she expressed with a bit of humor.

May 3 was a doubly special day for Mica. in full 33rd birthday celebration, was anxious about the imminent arrival of childbirth. “I love to celebrate, but today I celebrate it differently, waiting for Luca Cubero to arrive,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

Mica Viciconte’s words on her birthday (Instagram photo @micaviciconte)

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Fabián Cubero’s partner portrayed each stage of gestation and shared every change in her body on her Instagram account. Therefore, she did not hesitate to show a peculiar moment: “I have a crooked belly” He wrote next to an image taken from above and showed that the belly was slid to the right side, due to the movements of his baby.

In the last stage of pregnancy, the unborn child is more noticeable, which is why his movements are more perceptive for the new mother, something that is totally natural in the advanced state of gestation. And this was what the ex related Combatrecently, where with a bit of humor, he maintained: “I don’t know how Luca is anymore, I feel like he turned around 200 times.”

The images of Mica's belly (Photo Instagram @micaviciconte)
The images of Mica’s belly (Photo Instagram @micaviciconte)

Between anxiety and happiness means the arrival of a son, Mica receives hundreds of loving messages from his followers, who also wait for the moment to meet the baby. Meanwhile, she decided to welcome Luca on social media and He created an Instagram account for her.

Mica and Fabián with Indiana, Sienna and Allegra (Instagram photo @micaviciconte)
Mica and Fabián with Indiana, Sienna and Allegra (Instagram photo @micaviciconte)

In this sense, both Mica and Fabián decide to share some special images on their son’s profile, such as the captures of the ultrasound scans and some family postcards. with Indiana, Sienna and Allega, daughters of Nicole Neumann and Cubero, who will soon become older sisters and also await the arrival of the new member.

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