Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to dump on the public all the dirty laundry that has accumulated over four years of family life

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to dump on the public all the dirty laundry that has accumulated over four years of family life


The divorce of Hollywood stars often turns into an exciting series worse than the good old Santa Barbara for the whole world. But the litigation between the main film pirate Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard surpassed all previous scandals and turned into an epoch-making tragicomedy.


It would seem that Depp and Hurd divorced in 2016, but the mutual lawsuits of the ex-spouses continue to go to court over the past three years. It all started when Heard (you may have seen her in Justice League or The Rum Diary) wrote a column about her experience of domestic violence for The Washington Post in 2018. In the text, the actress did not mention her ex-husband, but the open secret is on the face.

Enraged, Depp filed a $50 million lawsuit against Heard, saying her column hurt his career. The actor really lost several good contracts: in particular, the role of the villain Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts film.

Forensic scientist Michael Spindler presented evidence that Depp lost about $40 million from December 2018 to October 2020. True, this did not take into account the cost of expensive proceedings in a London court. The actor filed a lawsuit against the tabloid The Sun, for an article where he was accused of beating Amber.

In 2020, Hurd already filed a claim against her ex-husband because of the words of his lawyer, who called her accusations “fraud”. She demanded $ 100 million from her husband because Depp and a lawyer wanted to defame her good name.

And in 2022, the fans of the couple were waiting for the “new season” – on April 11, the Virginia court finally began to consider the lawsuit of 58-year-old Depp. For a month, the ex-spouses, surrounded by lawyers and fans, shook out for everyone to see all the dirty laundry that they could dig up in their common past.

“I’m struggling to find words to describe how painful this is,” Amber, 36, sobs on her lawyer’s shoulder. “It’s terrible for me to sit here for weeks and relive it all over again. It’s the most painful and difficult thing I’ve ever gone through.”

Alcohol, drugs, fights and insults – this is a small part of the life of Hollywood stars, which was first heard about in the courtroom.

Enraged, Depp filed a $50 million lawsuit against Heard, saying her column hurt his career.

Enraged, Depp filed a $50 million lawsuit against Heard, saying her column hurt his career.



Depp and Heard met in 2009 before filming The Rum Diary. In court, Amber said she received a call saying that Johnny Depp wanted to meet her in person at his office to audition for the role. But instead of casting, they chatted for hours.

“We talked about books, music, poetry. We liked the same things: obscure writers, poems that others had never heard of. He is very well-read and charismatic,” Amber recalled.

Soon she received a call, a sensual deep voice was heard on the other end of the line.

“You are a real child! You are a dream!” Depp cooed.

Although their romance began three years later, the sympathy between the actors arose on the set.

“We had a kissing scene,” Hurd, 36, said. “But it didn’t feel like a normal scene, it felt real. He grabbed my face, pulled me to him and really kissed.

Depp did not stop there – he sent her gifts, although both were in a relationship at that moment. Finally, two years later, they went on a promotional tour of the film, during which they realized that they were in love.

“During the filming of The Lone Ranger, I went to him and took off his shoes, it made an impression on him,” Hurd said.

At first, the couple hid their romance. Depp was worried that Amber would be called a homemaker after his breakup with Vanessa Paradis. But love was stronger.


Fighting has been an integral part of Heard and Depp’s relationship from the very beginning. Back in 2012, the actor raised his favorite hand for the first time. According to Amber, it happened when Johnny was drunk and stoned, he explained to her that his “Wino” tattoo was dedicated to former passion, actress Winona Ryder.

“I laughed, thinking that he was joking, and he hit me in the face,” the girl admitted.

Realizing what he had done, Depp fell to his knees and began to sob, asking for forgiveness.

“He promised it would never happen again,” Heard recalled.

But Depp didn’t stop there. According to Amber, bullying continued: her husband grabbed her by the hair, beat her with the back of his hand, disparaged her acting talent and criticized her dress style. Added to this were constant accusations of infidelity. Once Depp accused Amber of sleeping with a musician and a friend of an actor in Spain. Then he hit her in the face with his fist (Depp always has a lot of rings on his fingers), so much so that he broke his friend’s lip, and blood splattered the wall.

The girl’s mother and her psychotherapist knew about these skirmishes.

“I felt safe talking to my mother because I knew that she understood and did not judge me for staying with my loved one,” Hurd recalled at the trial.

Perhaps the whole point is that the mother of the actress herself was a victim of domestic violence. Amber’s father often raised his hand to his wife.

But in a collision with Depp, Amber was not a timid ten. One day, the actor slapped her in the face, and she responded by throwing a vase at him. Another time, Hurd broke a bottle of vodka on her husband’s hand, cutting off a piece of her finger.

“The finger is loose, the bone is out and a little broken, the boss was wincing while I tried to clean the wound,” one of Depp’s security guards recalled at the hearing.

In 2020, Hurd already filed a claim against her ex-husband because of the words of his lawyer, who called her accusations “fraud”.

In 2020, Hurd already filed a claim against her ex-husband because of the words of his lawyer, who called her accusations “fraud”.



The revelations of Amber Heard deserve a separate thorough investigation. The actress told how in 2013 they traveled with friends through the desert. Depp decided that another girl was molesting his beloved, who was under the influence of drugs, and became furious. Already secluded in the trailer with Amber, he ransacked her, trying to find cocaine in her. According to her, Johnny was screaming and tearing everything to pieces.

“He tore my dress,” she recalled, holding back tears. “He ripped off my underwear and then started examining my genitals. He said he was looking for his drugs, his cocaine.”

A trip to Russia in the ill-fated 2013 was remembered by Amber for a long time. During the flight, she and Depp took drugs and treated them to a flight attendant. But soon it seemed to Depp that the stewardess was flirting with Heard.

“He grabbed her wrist, slammed it on the table and said he could break her wrist,” she recalls. The stewardess started crying.

Upon reaching the hotel, Hurd admitted that Depp allegedly beat her, after which her nose bled.

By mid-2013, Amber Heard began to think about breaking up with Depp. But something stopped her, because he is the love of her life.

“I was happy when everything went well. But there was another, terrible side to him. When she took over, I no longer saw Johnny, whom I loved, ”Hard explained.

The dark side manifested itself when the actor used drugs and alcohol, while denying the seriousness of his addiction.

“He passed out in his own vomit. He would lose control of his body and I or his bodyguards would clean up after him.”

And after each such trick, according to the actress, Depp claimed that he had no problems.


During interrogation, psychologist Don Hughes said that Amber Heard developed post-traumatic stress disorder due to sexual and physical abuse by her ex-spouse. This greatly undermined her ability to work in films. The girl lost 20 kg. However, as Depp’s lawyer Wayne Dennison noted, PTSD did not stop him from doing cooking and daily sports, hanging out with friends and taking sommelier courses.

However, Johnny Depp’s suspicions about his betrayal were not unfounded. Thanks to the notes of the psychologist Hurd, it became known at the trial that, while married, she had an affair with James Franco. This happened in December 2015. Before her divorce from Depp in the spring of 2016, she got together with the inventor and billionaire Elon Musk. Although Hurd swears that she had an affair with Musk after the dissolution of the marriage.

A spokesman for Johnny Depp, who also spoke at the trial, said that Hurd’s antics led to the fact that the actor lost part of the film contracts, was constantly subjected to “psychological, verbal and physical abuse” by his ex-wife.


Depp’s first witness was one of his bodyguards, Travis McGivern. He said that the couple often quarreled, often he had to stand up for the boss. Several times, Amber complained to him about her husband’s assault, but at the same time she had no bruises on her body, McGivern noted. Instead, he himself witnessed how Hurd once threw a can of energy at her husband, stabbed him in the back and spat. And once, because Depp moved the closet with her clothes, Amber hit her face with her fist.

During the hearing, the security guard’s speech angered Hurd, and she burst into an angry tirade.

Not without discussion of the most high-profile incident in the Depp and Heard family – the story of defecation in bed. This was told in detail by the former chauffeur of the actor Starling Jenkins. On that day, the man took Amber to a music festival, and a little later, Depp’s employees found human feces on the matrimonial bed.

“Heard told me that it was a bad prank and stated that the feces were not hers, but their Yorkshire terriers,” admitted Jenkins.

Apparently, this is how the actress decided to take revenge on her husband – before leaving for the festival, they quarreled, in a fit of feelings, Amber threw her husband’s phone and wallet from the balcony.

Another Depp bodyguard, Malcolm Connolly, admitted that “Amber was nice at first,” but that didn’t last long. She began to change, became more daring, demanding. I saw that Amber wanted to dominate the relationship,” he said. Connolly added that over time, scratches and bruises increasingly began to appear on his boss’s face.

As for abuse, the guards of the Hollywood star do not deny that he is a drinker, but in moderation.

“Honestly, I think Jack Sparrow is a lot more drunk than Johnny Depp,” Connolly joked.

But, as it turned out, Johnny is not the only fan of the “green snake”. After breaking up with Hurd, he had to pay off his wife’s $160,000 debt to the liquor store, Ed White, the actor’s business manager, said.

PS The hearing in the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues. We will follow the new revelations of the former star family.

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