“I tried to find work on a dating app”

Bumble has established itself as one of the ten most popular dating apps in Germany in 2022 and has just launched a new feature: Bizz. Just check this tab to access the promise of expanding your professional network and, who knows, landing your dream job. Anne Baum, freelance journalist, tested it and recounts his experience in the columns of the magazine Der Spiegel.

When you are a freelancer, like Anne Baum, the network is crucial to get new proposals and make yourself known. Signing up for Bumble didn’t sound completely crazy. Just like for dating, you just need to create a profile (it’s different than the one you would use in the “dating” area) with a short description and a photo. Then, you slide on the right the profiles that interest you (and on the left for the others). If you have “matches” and you are a woman, it is up to you to take the first step and contact your interlocutor. Anne Baum is giving herself a two-week trial. After all, for her,

It seems less tedious than having to find the right contacts first or even handing out business cards to people in real life.”

However, she has some concerns:

A certain uneasiness overcomes me when I register: it does not seem serious to me to use a dating app for professional purposes. I hope no sordid requests or photos of certain body parts will end up in my posts in the near future.”

The young woman finds few people working in the media and understands that her search will not be easy. She refuses to pay 14.99 euros per week to access the premium version and continues her exploration, extending it to all of Germany and no longer just to her city. “There is a student passionate about ‘editing, scriptwriting and filming’ and ready for ‘great projects’, an addiction counselor looking for a job and a drill and wants to chat about her industry.” The journalist realizes that her search may be in vain:

Again and again I come across profile descriptions that could rival inspirational esoteric quotes on tea bags. In any case, many here seem to be interested in alternative ways of working or running a start-up.”

At least it allows you to discover new professions and discuss substantive issues, but Bumble does not say how many users use the Bizz function.

After two weeks, Anne Baum hasn’t won a proposal, probably because the other users are beginners or even students. But his apprehensions about this method disappeared because “networking is nothing more than dating: meeting people, looking at each other, wanting something from each other – but without a sexual component”.

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