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“Iconostasis of the European Union”, Bandera textbooks and Zelensky’s personal gifts. How Ukraine “reflashed” its children

Vlad from Poltava, left for Donetsk in 2014, in the summer.  Vlad knows everything about Ukrainian Svidomism and its metastases

Vlad from Poltava, left for Donetsk in 2014, in the summer. Vlad knows everything about Ukrainian Svidomism and its metastases

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

How to separate the Ryazan region?

An elementary school in the village of Talakovka was covered by Ukrainian artillery about three weeks ago. The “Azovites” or the regular army of Ukraine (there is not much difference between them, believe me), without particularly resisting, abandoned their “Pishchevik” border crossing and began to be drawn into Mariupol. Fortunately, there were ten kilometers of open fields and gently sloping hills before him – you won’t catch on. After the shelling, the school lost all windows and a couple of rooms on the second floor, where instead of ceilings there is now sky.

Two inveterate book lovers, special correspondent and his comrade Vlad Yevtushenko, enthusiastically rummage through the rubble of the library school in Talakovka. Vlad from Poltava, left for Donetsk in 2014, in the summer. As he tells me, “he did the most important thing in his life.” He fought, including at the Donetsk airport, was wounded. He served in the military on the republican TV channel and as soon as the special operation began, he returned to the contract in his battalion “Vostok”. Vlad knows everything about Ukrainian Svidomism and its metastases, formulating precise definitions:

– You understand, Dima, if the Ryazan region is separated from Russia for 30 years, and all these years you tell the people of Ryazan about their exclusivity, about the evil and treacherous Muscovites, what will be the result?

Vlad does not wait for an answer. The answer is clear. Somewhere behind the school, in the steppe, a battery of our heavy artillery is shaking the ground. The school shudders and scatters the remains of long-broken windows on the ground.

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

Vlad takes a pamphlet from the rack at the entrance: “What is the national idea of ​​Ukrainians.” Without the question mark, it’s a statement. Vlad knew the Ukrainian language well, but 8 years of war slightly replaced this knowledge with many sorrows. Hesitating a little, he reads aloud to me:

“Serving international organizations, Slavic unions, Russophile brotherhoods, is the sale and betrayal of one’s people, among whom such anti-patriots live. If you want to serve the Russians – go to Russia, if you want to serve the women – go to Israel … “. Vlad slams the brochure shut, there are two photos on the back of the cover. A color photograph, modern – an elegant little Russian bleached hut is signed: “Ukrainian hut”. And below, a dull black-and-white photograph of the early 20th century, a large Pomeranian hut made of gray larch. Some torn skins and holey trousers are drying on the facade. Signature: “Russian hut”. Everything is clear and understandable, as in Mein Kampf, only with pictures. And most importantly, the Ukrainian idea is clear and on what it is based – on Russophobia.

“Yaka national idea of ​​Ukrainians”. Without a question mark, this is a statement

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

I look at the imprint – Kyiv, 2014, the third reissue, a library stamp and a catalog number, you can’t get away.

It would be interesting to see this librarian, but the school is empty. In general, the teachers and the director have gone somewhere and did the right thing. That’s just where the school in Talakovka will now take new teachers?

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

propaganda toad

In my understanding, the old teachers were just avatars of international organizations, foundations and NGOs. These offices settled in the unfortunate Talakov school like watermelon flies. At the entrance, under a dignified Soviet-style tablet, there is a whole ikebana of smaller tablets, which, as it were, say to everyone who enters: “everything is under our control.” And half of the offices have the same thing – UNICEF, the UN Commission on Refugee Rights, ISTOC, USAID (US Agency for International Development, by the way, they were thrown out of Russia), the ubiquitous OSCE, some clumsy transcriptions of “Save the Children International in Ukraine” … On the door of some office there is a sign with the USAID logo – “Friendly space for everyone”, and under it is a clumsy signature in black marker, it was left by our sapper: “Checked.” Once checked, we go. Everything in the office is covered with plaster and concrete dust, I pull out the booklet “Fundamentals of Tolerance” from the pack. Vlad asks me:

– Listen, how does it all fit together, Bandera, cannibalistic literature in the library and these sugary snot about tolerance?

I don’t know what to say to Vlad.

At the entrance, under a dignified Soviet-style tablet, there is a whole ikebana made of smaller tablets.

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

In the hall at the main entrance to the school, we stumble upon a lovingly decorated stand … no, the stand is too pathetic a word, rather it is the iconostasis of the European Union. “I am a European” – written in blue, and below, in yellow: “I am a Ukrainian.” Further, the stages of victory over Ukraine on the “European path” since 1991. We won, nothing more to say. In the school yard, where we hid our car from possible shelling, a front-line minibus with holes from fragments drives in, half of the windows are missing. Brave fellows jump out of the “van”:

– Guys, is there a department of the MGB (Ministry of State Security)? The prisoner must be handed over for interrogation.

Dmitry Steshin examines the school

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

We look into the minibus. There sits a young man with frightened beady eyes, like a mischievous mouse. Under his nose he has never shaved “virgin mustache”. Clothing from someone else’s shoulder, clearly a woman’s down jacket, jeans and shabby army boots that had not been cleaned for a long time. The fighter explains to us:

– I left Mariupol. The bastard hid in abandoned dachas, crawled out for food, and then we caught him.

– Can I talk to him? We are journalists.

– Not yet. And you yourself, what are you doing here?

– We collect dill propaganda.

– Ahh. And there she sits, propaganda, quieted down, toad! C..ka, they ruined such a city, scum! Okay, bye, we’re off.

The bus roars away, jumping over shallow mortar craters.

“German-Soviet War”

The next school we wandered into, in the village of Volodarsky (after “decommunization” – Nikolskoye), is located strictly on the other side of Mariupol. And here you can already feel the “civilization”. The school is painted in patriotic “yellow-black” colors and is now housing refugees from the city. People sleep on every free meter. To get to the library, we had to move a mattress, on which lay a not very happy smoky kitten named APC.

A kitten named BTR at the library door in Volodarsky

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

But, inside we found what we were looking for – textbooks for high school. And there was a general picture of the reprogramming of children. In elementary grades, as in classical sects, “love bombing” from international organizations. And they were not greedy, we saw it in Talakovka. So many expensive designers, but simply expensive foreign paints, glue, plasticine, even a child from a wealthy Moscow family will not have. And after all, this is an ordinary, village school!

Textbook on tolerance in the Talakovo school

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

There is such a common saying: “the father is not the one who conceived, but who brought up.” It has a rational grain. Judging by the textbooks, Russia, for elementary school students, does not seem to exist. There, in Russia, even the language is different! And language is the most important criterion for self-identification. You have already guessed that we did not find textbooks in Russian either in Nikolsky-Volodarsky or in Talakovka. Only on move.

But in the senior classes, the specifics are already beginning. Textbook “Defender of the Motherland”, for grade 10, edition of 2018, sections of the “Military Doctrine of Ukraine”, the first paragraph:

“The Russian Federation is defined by Ukraine’s military adversary.”

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

Decided on the enemies. Next comes the history of the armed forces of Ukraine. In the chapter “History of Kievan Rus”, the word “Kyiv” itself occurs once. The author M.R. Gnatyuk presses on the Galicia-Volyn affairs and a certain Galicia-Volyn state. Unfortunately, completely decayed by 1340. And the real delight of the author is the latest history – some kind of fictional independent Carpathian Sich, which ended in 1945 and about the same time was strangled by the UPA. There is not a word about the Ukrainian SS division in the service of Hitler. But there is a picture with a brave young man who planted some indistinct villains on a bayonet. And the caption: “What are the Ukrainian rebels fighting for? Neither for Stalin, nor for Suvorov, nor for Hitler to the sick mind. For Ukraine, for the borderless, from Fritz and Yoska independent! From the next page, the legendary Soviet pilot Kozhedub somehow smiled guiltily. He got into the section “Ukraine in the German-Soviet War.” I thought about this phrase for a long time, trying to comprehend its detached meaning. And he couldn’t. Interfered with nine million Ukrainians who died in the Great Patriotic War. Didn’t fit.

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

Zelensky’s personal gift

We enthusiastically delved into textbooks until we heard how the mattress with the kitten began to be moved outside the door and the alarmed librarian Natasha burst into the reading room. Someone informed her that armed men were robbing the library. Intellectually, Natasha understood that people who rob a library cannot be completely bad. And when the woman found out that we needed to look at the “Bandera books”, she completely calmed down. But she warned sternly:

– I need to draw up a statement for writing off. I can give away fiction anyway, no one reads it anyway …

Librarian Natasha

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

We talked a little about children and mobile phones in which they now live. They are not interested in history. It is curious that, according to Natasha, this village was founded by her great-great-great-grandfather Iosif Gladky, from runaway Old Believers who went not to the forests, but to the wild steppe. It was he who built the farmstead Gladky here. There was no reason not to believe Natasha, so her words received special weight. In a historical context. And I asked the librarian:

– Did you think about the future?

Natasha directly vibrated:

– Certainly! My son is growing up, a future surgeon. Probably a military doctor…

I strongly disagreed:

– Why? The conflict will end. And now these books will finally become unnecessary, everything will change.

– Rather. No light, no gas. The last salary in March was not paid, we cannot buy food. My father, he is an invalid, served all his life in the Soviet army, a rocket man, and he has not received his last pension either. But he has already re-registered as a pensioner, I hope Russia will not offend him.

– Will Ukraine return?

Natasha somehow shrank from this question:

– We do not want Ukraine to return. We want as before, under the Soviet Union. I have not seen Moscow, in general it will be possible to travel to other cities and not be afraid of anything!

In parting, Natasha brought us three gorgeous comic books “Confrontation. Red Terror. And she explained:

– Zelensky’s personal gift to every Ukrainian school.

The graphics were just amazing. The content is according to all the canons of the schizophrenic-infantile “Marvel universe”. The superhero with a forelock, in trousers and a Hutsul jacket was armed with an ax decorated with runes. And famously beat her commissars in Budennovka with red stars. For the fact that these commissars burned Ukrainian huts with flamethrowers. Moreover, all the commissars and the red soldiery were with emphasized degenerate faces, but they spoke Russian (at first I was even delighted), and all the other hulks were strictly on the sovereign language. For those who don’t understand. It is immediately clear who we have a reptile and a villain.

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

“You won’t believe it,” Natasha the librarian surprised us, “nobody has read these books. They read history and “Defence of the Fatherland”, these are compulsory subjects. But these are not.

Indeed, the pages of the comics were stuck together, even from the printing house. Natasha did not say, but I assumed that she simply put Zelensky’s gifts somewhere far away, where even the most curious child would not get. Saved someone’s souls. And this is already a lot in such evil times …

* Svidomye (Ukrainian svidomi from Polish swiadomi – “conscious”) or nationally svidomye; sometimes svidomity is a nickname for Ukrainian nationalists that has taken root in the post-Soviet era.


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