Lunch overlooking the vineyard in the spacious gazebo of the Casa Gamboa restaurant

The vines cannot be seen from the Panamericana, but they are there. You have to leave Route 9 at kilometer 65, right where the recognizable Sofitel Cardales begins –impossible to miss it!–, to go around it and after traveling along a dirt road, you will reach a small gate that is located behind the hotel complex. , and which is the one that opens the way to the 50 hectares of the Gamboa winery: the closest to the city of Buenos Aires, and which just a few weeks ago opened its wine tourism proposal that includes a restaurant, a walk through the vineyards and recreational activities around to the wine.

Lunch overlooking the vineyard in the spacious gazebo of the Casa Gamboa restaurant

“The project was born 12 years ago with the idea of ​​being able to experience a vineyard and winery near Buenos Aires –says Eduardo Tuite, owner of Gamboa Viñas & Bodega–. A little bit of what we wanted, and the pandemic has reconfirmed us, is that we can enjoy more what we have close by, that we can go often, see the vines grow, make the wine and create a different gastronomic experience.”

Vineyards planted on trellises: an unusual landscape so close to the city
Vineyards planted on trellises: an unusual landscape so close to the cityMAURO ALFIERI

Planted in 2010, the vineyards border the Otamendi nature reserve. Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Petit Verdot, Semillón and Marselán vines, among other varieties, coexist in a broken terrain that includes a lagoon and a forest with native species. The postcard is completed with the restaurant that has a lounge, underground cellar and a huge 250 m2 gallery that surrounds the house, a house whose roof has a structure designed to house a “green roof” on which vines will grow.

Night view of the gazebo with structure for a "green roof" found in the vineyards
Night view of the gazebo with structure for a “green roof” that is located in the vineyardsBruno Rosas

In the middle of the vineyard stands a small gazebo, also built with the concept of a “green roof”, ideal for watching the sun go down, glass of wine in hand (of course).

“In the proposal to start the day, in Gamboa we welcome them with a walk and guided tour of the farm -says Tuite-. Then we have two gastronomic experiences within the family style concept with different dishes that arrive at the center of the table to share: one is Origen, fresher and lighter, and another is our most complex and complete star experience called Terruño, which includes main dishes. to the wood”.

Some of the dishes created by chef Edward Holloway that are part of the Casa Gamboa menu
Some of the dishes created by chef Edward Holloway that are part of the Casa Gamboa menu

Dominated by a fireplace, the Casa Gamboa restaurant lounge is the option for cold or bad weather, since the spacious gallery is the star of the place, with its view of the vineyards and the forest.

Its cuisine follows the directives of the Irish chef Edward Holloway, currently based in Mendoza, and who knew how to show off his good taste at Jöhri’s Talvo and Adelbode restaurants, in Switzerland, and Uco and Fogón Asado, in Buenos Aires, and who is the one who has designed the gastronomic proposal of Casa Gamboa.

Regarding the wines, Tuite resumes, “our gastronomic proposals can be accompanied by a pairing of four glasses of our labels or also select wines à la carte”.

restaurant hall
restaurant hall

As for the winery’s wines, the first harvest carried out on the estate in Campaña was 2021: “Wine production began last year with three of the most significant vines in the vineyard: Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir,” he says. the creator of the winery– The project caught the attention of Gabriela Celeste, who will be the new oenological director. Gabriela is an agricultural engineer specialized in viticulture and in the design of wine cuts. She has a career spanning more than 25 years and is a disciple of the French winemaker and consultant Michel Rolland”.

In the restaurant you can already taste the Malbec 2021 made with grapes from Campana, but also other wines produced by Gamboa in Mendoza: there is a Semillon from La Consulta, a Malbec-Petit Verdot and a Roussanne-Vionier-Marsanne from Los Chacayes, a Malbec from Perdriel and another from Valle de Canota.

Outdoor wine tasting in the vineyards
Outdoor wine tasting in the vineyards

This year will begin the construction of a new winery in Campaña with the capacity to produce 30,000 litres.

“Among the different activities that we also offer our visitors is a blending game, blind tasting or premium tasting for those who want to enjoy our high-end wines,” says Tuite.

Sunset in the gallery of Casa Gamboa restaurant
Sunset in the gallery of Casa Gamboa restaurantBruno Rosas

The most ambitious project of the winery is a wine club, which will offer many of the proposals currently offered by Mendoza wineries, but only 65 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires. “We are currently adding an exclusive Club, with a limited number of members, where each person can have their own vines, make their own wine, enjoy Cava privately, participate in courses and tastings with the most renowned winemakers, and many more benefits.” Twitter concludes.

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