Igor Nikolaev showed Gennady Khazanov, who left Russia


Gennady Khazanov is currently in Latvia. The artist left Russia a few months ago. Igor Nikolaev showed what a celebrity looks like now.

Last spring performances with the participation of Gennady Khazanov were canceled one after another. Without explaining anything to the fans, the artist left Russia. In mid-March, Khazanov, along with an old friend Leonid Yarmolnik, was noticed in Jurmala.

Gennady Viktorovich kept silent about his departure. Recently, the director of the Lenkom Theater, where the 76-year-old actor still serves, said that the people’s artist cannot come back. “It’s not he who breaks it, it happened,” Mark Varshaver explained.

Afterwards, he specified that Khazanov was treated. “As far as I know, Gennady Viktorovich now lives in Jurmala and cannot come to Moscow,” Mark Borisovich added.

And now Igor Nikolaev showed what Khazanov looks like. The artist haggard, but keeps cheerfully, although he looks sad. What happens in his life is not known.

Photo: social networks

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