Ilias Desmet (14) from Kortrijk participates in Junior bake off: “You have to take your time for the perfect result”

Spirituality is omnipresent in the life of Ilias Desmet (14) from Kortrijk, who this spring is running for the title of Junior bake off† But he still doesn’t want to be a baker. “I dream of my own amusement park,” he says.

“I got the baking bug when I was allowed to help out with my grandmother at a very young age,” says Ilias. “When I came to visit, they often made shortbread. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually started making the more difficult and spectacular looking cakes.”

That was because the corona crisis erupted and the young baker was bored during the first lockdown. “Because we had to stay inside, I couldn’t visit grandma anymore. I missed baking so much that I decided to roll up my sleeves myself. I taught myself everything on my own. Especially making the puffs was not so easy in the beginning. I had to make several attempts for that.”

Support from God

Sometimes there are days when Ilias needs relaxation . “Then baking is the ideal way. I learned that for a perfect result you have to take all the time. I am an orderly baker. You will rarely see chaos around me. I also always insist that the finish is taken care of down to the last detail. My parents let me do it. They know I’m having fun with that. My dad even comes to help clean up afterwards.”

Ilias comes from a Protestant family. “I make no secret of the fact that faith is very important to me. I have been going to church on a regular basis for as long as I can remember. I grew up in an environment where religion is very important.” When the family has a problem, she turns to God for advice. The family is convinced that God will always provide help. “Praying is something we often do within the family. Although everyone is free in how often you turn to God. It is certainly not an obligation to pray that many times a day,” says Ilias.

Also while baking in the tent of Junior bake off was the spiritual refuge of Ilias nearby. “I’m sure He supported me in those moments in some way. Although at that time my focus was mainly on what I had to do to bring the assignment to a successful conclusion.”

Own amusement park

Although Ilias can hold his own in the kitchen, he currently sees a career as a civil engineer or architect for himself. “And I want to have my own amusement park in the future. Not so much to sit in those attractions all the time. I don’t go to an amusement park very often. I mainly want to build those attractions myself. It seems fantastic to me to draw such attractions completely from scratch. I’m doing Latin math now, but in the third grade I’m going to switch to Latin science. Baking will always play a role in my life, but I think more as a hobby.”

Another hobby is hip-hop. “I am a member of a dance group, but I do not participate in competitions. We perform once a year.” Declaring scones his favorite pastry, Ilias is happy that the broadcasts are finally here. “We are almost a year later and I consider myself to have changed quite a bit.”

Junior bake off, Play4, 8.40 pm

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