Impressive start of Team Antwerp on 3X3 Energy Sukbaatar Challenger 2022


Team Antwerp, number 3 in the world, has made an impressive start at the 3X3 Energy Sukhbaatar Challenger 2022 in Mongolia. The Sinjoren won the first group match in group B with no less than 22-4 against Gandan MMC Energy (Mongolia).

Patrick Ceulemans

Dennis Donkor, who made his debut at the Crelan Masters in Brussels last week and led Team Antwerp to victory, is finishing his first international challenger at Team Antwerp. In Mongolia and versus Gandan MMC Energy, Dennis Donkor immediately played at a high level, scoring 8 points and garnering 4 rebounds. Together with top scorer Bryan De Valck (10 points), he led Team Antwerp to a captivating 22-4 victory. Caspar Augustijnen and Thibaut “Must See TV” Vervoort are also present. The second match in group B is later today and also against an opponent from Mongolia (Sansar MMC Energy). The top two of the four groups advance to the quarter-finals. The winner of the Energy Sukhbaatar Challenger 2022 will cash no less than $15,000, the number 2 will receive $10,000, the number 3 $6,000, the fourth finisher $5,000 and the number five $4,000. The winner and runner-up of this challenger also qualified for the World Tour in Montreal (Canada) that will take place on September 3 and 4.

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