IMUVI will give credits of up to 50 thousand pesos to fix houses in Celaya

Celaya.- The “Housing Improvement” program has been enabled by the Municipal Housing Institute (IMUVI), where citizens can access a loan of up to 50 thousand pesos that will be delivered in material to improve the home of the beneficiaries .

The director of the institute, George Henry Mirandaannounced that this support will be in kind, and the support ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 pesos.

A budget of one and a half million pesos has been allocated, hoping that it will run out, and requesting more from the council.

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“It would be with a very low interest, if they ask for 50 thousand pesos in two years they would only have to pay about 6,500 pesos in interest, it is very low, it is to improve their house, whether it is to put a firm floor, a tile, flattened, painting, waterproofing, doors, windows, whatever you need”, commented the director.

The requirements that are requested are proof of address, that the property belongs to the person who is requesting, up to 50 thousand pesos a guarantee is requested.

It will be paid monthly, if it were 50 thousand pesos, the monthly installments are approximately 350 pesos.

“People, for example, say, I have a room, but it has neither doors nor a floor, I need this and this, it is quoted in stores and it is supplied, after signing the agreement and the person signs the documents and the material”, reiterated the director.

The labor will be absorbed by the applicant.

So far this year there have been seven loans, an average of 40,000 pesos, with 1,300,000 pesos still available.

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