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In a controversial arbitration match, Sportivo 24 and Sarmiento tied 1-1

Sportive Soccer September 24 Sarmiento

A new day of football in the Regional League left one Sunday afternoon at the match they played at the Fortín de La Ribera, Club Sportivo 24 Septiembre and Sarmiento de Santiago Temple. It was a 1 to 1 with terrible performance of the “in charge of dispensing justice” inside the field of play that cut off the permanent game, he did not know how to carry out the match and when leaving the field of play even one of his assistants faked a hit by an object thrown from outside the field.

Sportive Soccer September 24 Sarmiento (Julio Ortiz /)

The game that could never be developed as such due to the constant “whistles” of Oyola the premises started favorably, at 2:30 minutes Facundo Gonzales free kick and after an error by goalkeeper Gutiérrez put red ahead. To the 8 of the second half Ignacio Gallardo; after an error at the start of Sportivo 24, he took the opportunity to finish off from outside the area and put the 1 to 1 which was final.

The Belgrano leader of Río Primero; that he did not receive any sanction for badly including a player before Club 24; beat Rivadavia 2-0 in the Clásicoin Santa Rosa the Athletic and United Towns of the Tordilla tied 0 to 0. The celestial send with 1712 points have Rivadavia and CAPU, Club Atlético Santa Rosa accumulates 9 points Further behind they come Cultural and 24 with 8and Sarmiento closes with 7 units.

Sportive Soccer September 24 Sarmiento (Julio Ortiz /)

The The next date will have two advances due to the Arroyito Rally. The police must guarantee security at the event and for that reason the matches that are played in the zone of influence of our city must be played before Saturday. The Sports and Cultural will receive Atlético Santa Rosa in the “Savatero” from 10:30 p.m. first on friday. The match between Pueblos Unidos and Belgrano is also brought forward, Rivadavia and 24 play normally on Sunday.

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