The new Minister of Economy of the Nation, Sergio Massa (Photo: REUTERS/Matias Baglietto).

Crossed by their own internal differences, the social movements linked to the ruling party will make an important show of force in the streets for the day of San Cayetano. There will be claims to the economic sector, criticism of Justice and messages to politics in general, but, especially after the arrival of Sergio Massa at the Ministry of Economy, a clear claim to the national Executive for “urgent measures” in the face of the economic crisis. They will try mobilize 400,000 people from Liniers to the center of the City of Buenos Aires.

The march -which was born in 2016 and will have its seventh edition this Sunday- is promoted by the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP), which make up numerous social organizations such as the Avoid Movementthe Classist and Combative Current (CCC) Y We are neighborhoods standing (the San Cayetano triumvirate, the main social pillar of the Government), the Darío Santillán Popular Front and the MTE, which heads John Graboisamong other.

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To the now classic claims for “Bread, Land, Roof and Work”, social movements added this year the slogan of “peace”: “To let there be social peace decent work is essential”, they warn. “Without popular power, there is no social justice”, add the organizers.

The new Minister of Economy of the Nation, Sergio Massa (Photo: REUTERS/Matias Baglietto). By: REUTERS

What will the march of San Cayetano be like?

The day of mobilizations will begin at 8 in Rivadavia and Cuzcoa few meters from the church of San Cayetano in Liniers, with a liturgical event: Monsignor Gustavo Oscar Carrara, auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires, will welcome you blessing to the column that will begin to march towards downtown Buenos Aires.

The massive pilgrimage It will go through Rivadavia Avenue until it reaches 9 de Julio. Along the way, columns from the different social organizations will be added, as well as accompanying delegations that will send unions of the CGT and the CTA. The participation of national government officials is not planned, they indicated from the UTEP.

in the corner of the July 9 and May Avenuearound 14:30, the central act. Although -in the midst of the internal- some leaders proposed taking the protest as in previous years to the Plaza de Mayo, in front of the Casa Rosada and the Ministry of Economy, that possibility was finally ruled out by the UTEP Board of Directors.

The central act will have five speakers: Esteban “Gringo” CastroSecretary General of UTEP; Gildo Onoratounion secretary of the UTEP and referent of the Evita Movement; Juan Carlos Alderete, leader of the Combative Classist Current; and the assistant secretaries of UTEP Norm Morales (We are Barrio de Pie) and Dinah Sanchez (Darío Santillán Popular Front).

Esteban el ''Gringo'' Castro, general secretary of the UTEP (Photo: Télam).
Esteban el ”Gringo” Castro, general secretary of the UTEP (Photo: Télam).

March of San Cayetano: message to the Government after the arrival of Sergio Massa to Economy

“The mobilization will be enormously large, that is what we expect. It is our challenge to show that the needs are getting bigger. In the program that (Sergio) Massa announced there is not even a relief for our sector, nothing was announced. We are going to wait and see if anything is announced for our sector in the next few days, but we ask urgent measures”, said Juan Carlos Alderete, the deputy and leader of the CCC, in dialogue with TN.

After a sector of the ruling movements linked to Juan Grabois threatened to leave the Frente de Todos, Alderete maintained that will not break with the coalition pro-government party and will give the discussion “from the inside”. Although at the same time he admitted that there is disillusionment and increasingly annoyance within the organization that he commands.

“Patience depends on organized colleagues. The results are not as expected, colleagues understand politics and understand that we are in crisis, but hope will not last long. When reality continues to hit you hard, you may be wondering what we do. This march is a warning also about what is happening,” added one of the picketer leaders.

In a march through San Cayetano, pro-government picketers will give a show of strength with messages to the Government

In this sense, Alderete added: “People voted in 2019 for the Frente de Todos for a program, and so far only part of it has been fulfilled. It cannot be said that due to the pandemic it could not be fulfilled. Us we will continue discussing”.

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For his part, the union secretary of UTEP, Gildo Onoratoaffirmed that -despite the differences- the mobilization of San Cayetano “unifies” the movement sector social.

“There is a clear political and economic proposal of the sector. There are a series of proposals, of agendas, of the social and the popular economy, messages to the opposition, to the Justice, to the Legislative Power, to the Executive, to the businessmen, with whom we work. There is variety and some colleagues will focus on some issues and others on others”, added the social leader.

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