In a maximum security prison in Lima, "Dumbo" awaits extradition to Argentina
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According to the investigators, through her lawyer Américo Flores Rocha (a former commander of the Peruvian police), Maylli Rivera already accepted the “simplified extradition”, that is, she accepted the request of the Argentine Justice.

In this way, according to what the sources consulted confirmed, “the extradition procedure is shorter”, therefore the Peruvian Public Ministry “anda contacted the Argentine judicial authorities” to coordinate the scope of the transfer.

The Peruvian judicial sources consulted by Télam assured that “Dumbo” currently had no open cases in his country, although he did have a prison record between February 27, 2007 and April 9, 2013, accused of a homicide.

On that occasion, he was held in the Huaral prison until he was granted parole.

How is the case going?

Days ago, federal judge number 10 Julián Ercolini had signed the warrant requesting his extradition to the country to be able to investigate him as accused of being the “head of an organization mainly dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of narcotic substances, with territorial control in a sector of the Padre Mugica neighborhood -especially in the vicinity of Platea 11- in the central sector of the contiguous Bermejo settlement in the Villa Lugano neighborhood and in villa 1-11-14”.

For the magistrate, the Maylli Rivera gang, who in the beginning was part of the organization led by the Peruvian drug lord Marco Estrada González, alias “Marcos”, acted “at least since November 2018 and until its disruption on May 24 of 2021”, when 12 of its members were arrested.

The arrest of “Dumbo” (42), the most wanted drug trafficker in Argentina and for whom the national government offered a reward of five million pesos, took place at dawn on October 28 in Parque San Silvestre, precisely in the same district Lima, where the prison where he remains housed today is located.

At the time of being intercepted at the exit of a restaurant, Maylli Rivera was carrying a false Bolivian identity card in the name of Jesús Guzmán Herrera and denied being “Dumbo”, although his true identity was finally corroborated.

To arrest the most wanted fugitive in Argentina, there was a joint effort that required the collaboration of the Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office 1 Del Callao, Peru, under Ronald Achahui Córdova, members of the West Metropolitan Area Operations Division of the Argentine Federal Police, personnel from the National Police of Peru and even the Anti-drug Directorate of the Uruguayan Police.

For the Procunar investigators, led by prosecutor Diego Iglesias, the “Dumbo” organization was made up of dozens of people, many of whom were arrested and are currently undergoing trial.

The investigations determined that this organization had territorial control in the so-called “Platea 11” of the Padre Carlos Mugica Housing Complex and the Bermejo settlement, which is opposite, all in Villa Lugano.

dumbo drug trafficking.jpg

The intelligence tasks carried out by the investigators made it possible to establish that the members of the gang occupied several apartments in “Platea 11” where they divided the drugs and kept the weapons and money, while the sales were mainly made in a corridor in “L” shaped (closed to the public) that is next to a soccer field.

“The sale was made in two shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said one of the investigators, who added that the gang “had a high degree of organization, with the participation of so-called ‘satellites’ and ‘markers’ that alerted vendors to the entry of police and suspicious persons.”

“There were armed people called “vests” who guarded the main members of the gang and the vendors. The organization distributed food to the markers and vendors so that they would not abandon their posts. They made barricades in the streets to prevent the movement of vehicles.” , explained the research consulted.

According to the request for trial to which several of the members of this organization are being submitted, the members of the “Dumbo” gang “displayed firearms and even fired shots into the air to intimidate the neighbors” and thus avoid so that they are reported.

“The organization kept a record in notebooks of the sales of cocaine (“high”), base paste (“low”) and marijuana (“faso”), the expenses and the assistance and function that each member performed,” added the investigator. .

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