Romina Malaspina caused a sensation.
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Just a few months ago Lali Esposito taught how to prepare fernet with coca -also known as “El Viajero”- from the Spanish program ‘The Anthill’and on this occasion, Romina Malaspina followed in his footsteps to explain to her millions of Instagram followers how to prepare the same drink but with grapefruit juice..

Romina Malaspina caused a sensation. (Romina Malaspina/)

And for that, the model wore a two-piece yellow micro bikini which consisted of a triangular bra with straps that crossed her abdomen, and an adjustable colaless-style panties; and to the look he added vintage sunglasses to match the clothes. It was a outfit that is usually used during the hot season, and a tone that is trending at the momentthat is why she opens the video announcing that she will teach how to prepare “summer drink”.

Romina's photos that raised the temperature.

Romina’s photos that raised the temperature. (Instagram/)

And from the description of the post, he invited users to interact: “The world is divided between those who play it safe and those who play the most, what team are you from?”

What responses did Romina Malaspina receive

In the comments section, not only his fans participated, but also renowned figures such as candela diaz Y Georgina Mazzeo, but although many were flattery towards the model, many others criticized his way of preparing it and the container in which he made the drink.

Romina Malaspina is criticized for her way of preparing fernet.

Romina Malaspina is criticized for her way of preparing fernet. (Instagram/)

“My eyes burn, fernet with grapefruit in a pseudo-glass glass. I think I died”, “The fernet is with Coca-Cola, and the grapefruit soda with Carpano. No problem”, “In his life he prepared fenet before”, “Now I show you how to waste the fernet…”, “And of course it’s called “Fercheto” if it’s prepared in a bottle-shaped glass and made with grapefruit and pure foam, with sister coke with coke and in a cut plastic bottle. Bad publicity”were some of the messages he received.

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