In another Brno housing case, one person is in custody
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During the third raid by the National Headquarters against organized crime in recent weeks in Brno, two people ended up in the hands of the police. The public prosecutor’s office suggested custody for one of them. “The court accepted the proposal,” Lastovecká confirmed after the closed session.

The fraud should have occurred in connection with non-residential premises in a house belonging to Brno on Hlinky Street. According to the Seznamzprá server, two women were supposed to have committed the fraud in an attempt to obtain premises where exclusive housing could be built.

According to available information, information obtained during the investigation of the case of Pavel Hubálek, whom the detectives suspect of fraud in the acquisition of city apartments, led the police to the trail. Some time after his arrest, Hubálek began to claim that a criminal group linked to leading ODS politicians was operating in Brno.

He accuses politicians of scams with apartments, while his wife wanted to trick him into the municipality


In recent weeks, a total of nine people ended up in custody after the previous two raids. At the beginning of October, the former head of the housing commission of the Brno-střed town hall, Otakar Bradáč, and the executive of the real estate company Zdeněk Červinka went into custody. In mid-October, another seven people headed by businessman Michal Horký, who, according to the investigators, were supposed to get rich thanks to manipulated contracts at the company Pískovna Černovice, were taken into custody. During this event, the police also searched the office of the former deputy mayor of Brno and nominee for the Minister of the Environment Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL).

Zeman is ready to appoint Hladík, Jurečka said


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