In China, beat the “grain silo rats”!

Zhang Wufeng, director of the National Grain and Supply Board and secretary of the body’s Communist Party of China committee, has been under investigation by the Disciplinary Commission since June 15. He is suspected of serious breaches of law and discipline, and was dismissed from his post, according to the Commission’s website.

Height of the scandal, the director of the “national grain silo”, as he is often called, was until then himself part of the Disciplinary Commission, points out the Singaporean newspaper Lianhe Zaobao. Placed at the top of the hierarchy of the Chinese Communist Party and very active in the vast anti-corruption campaign carried out since the beginning of the year, this organization carries out investigations into its members accused of embezzlement. If they are found guilty, he decrees sanctions against them before handing them over to justice.

The daily specifies that Zhang Wufeng no longer appears on the official website of the National Grain and Supply Board. His dismissal, thus made patent, is one of the consequences of the campaign against corruption.

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