In front of his family they kill a man in Villas de San Juan

Security in León, Guanajuato.- A men he died in a house of Colonia Villas de San Juan after being attacked gunshots.

Security in León: The man was at home with his family when he was killed. Photo: Staff AM.

The attack was reported at 10:10 at night inside the address marked with number 524 on Villas de San Juan Boulevard, almost on the corner of Ámbar.

The victim it was inside his house apparently in the company of his family.

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Security in León: They knock on the door, a man goes out to open it and they shoot him

Apparently they arrived at the house two men in a auto White tint.

Apparently one of them went down and knocked on the doorthe man went out and was attacked with bullets on several occasions.

The victim ran towards his house but fell badly injured, finally his assailants escaped.

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Security in León: The man received first aid but had already died

Neighbors reported the incident to the Single Emergency System 911.

Fire paramedics came and provided first aid, but the man no longer had vital signs.

Several were secured at the scene. percussion caps Therefore, agents from the State Attorney General’s Office arrived to collect data on the incident and start the investigations.

The body was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service where the necropsy of law will be performed.

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