The new chapter of the internal front of all It revolves around economics. After criticism from the vice president Cristina Kirchner and the replicas of the Minister of Economy Martin Guzmannow a sector of the official space will present a project to establish a Universal Basic Salary.

The initiative has as a background the discussion for the distribution of wealth, as mentioned by one of the authors of the proposal, the national deputy Federico Fagiolliof the Great Fatherland Front. “We need redistributive policies. A Universal Basic Wage that is equivalent to the value of a Basic Food Basket would not only allow us to end poverty, but also move towards social justice,” he said.

The project is added to the demand for the advancement of the increase in the minimum wage and the proposal for the pension moratorium. The SBU initiative will be presented this Tuesday, May 10, and proposes to establish a non-contributory monthly monetary benefit. They seek that this salary be national in scope and benefit low-income workers.

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The text of the also maintains that it will be granted to people unoccupiedto those who are part of the informal economy and those who are registered in category A of the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers.

is the third initiative that contemplates distribution of funds in two weeks. The first was a request from the former head of the ruling caucus in Deputies, Máximo Kirchner, who sought to ask the Executive to advance the increase in the Minimum Wage. “We agree with the proposal. but this is discussed in the Salary CouncilGuzmán said yesterday in Urban Play.

The second initiative was presented on Friday Anabel Fernandez Sagasti Y Mariano Recalde, along with other senators close to the vice president. It seeks to give the possibility of retiring to men and women who are of retirement age but do not reach the years of contributions.

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The arguments of the authors of the initiative

The project that will enter Deputies this Tuesday will be presented by the referents of Patria Grande Itaí Hagman, Fagioli and Natalia Zaracho.

“The universal basic salary is a concrete response that allows us to be bold to think about the future“, said Hagman, who comes from supporting the statements of the vice president in Chaco.

The distribution, the background of the Kirchnerist projects.

“There are millions of people who work, without having a formal job, who do not have guaranteed the most basic conditions of life. This phenomenon does not happen only in Argentina, it is worldwide, and is a consequence of the transformations in the world of work and of the growing concentration of wealth“, he added.

For his part, Zaracho argued that “the value of the effort of millions of workers in the popular economy and of care tasks is not recognized as it should be.” He assured that the measure “could eliminate homelessness and ensure that everyone has at least one plate of food every day.

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A few months ago, just after the hard stage of the pandemic, the debate over the establishment of the universal salary had already been taken up by several political leaders. However, from the Government the voices multiplied which, on the contrary, came out to raise the idea of turn social plans into work.

Until now, a position of the Casa Rosada regarding the new project has not transpired, and Those who will present it have also not given details so far. “Income distribution is fundamental. We need a more equitable country but it is also necessary to grow. We need stability that allows us to get out of short-term thinking in Argentina,” Guzmán said days ago.

The deputies who will present the initiative today are very close to the social leader Juan Grabois, who has just harshly criticized the Minister of Economy. “He has no street or political formation”Told him.


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