In Germany, naturism is increasingly appealing to new generations

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In Germany, the FKK, in French “the culture of the free body“, has been an institution since the beginning of the 20th century. While this tradition seemed to be lost over the past thirty years, naturism is making a strong comeback thanks to a new generation of followers.Report by Anne Mailliet and Willy Mahler.

In large city parks, by lakes or on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, men and women in Adam and Eve outfits are ubiquitous in Germany. It is estimated that nearly one in five Germans regularly practice naturism, a tradition deeply rooted among older generations.

But while this culture of the free body has tended to be lost in recent decades, it is once again fashionable in the country, especially among the youngest who want to get out of social norms and the canons of beauty conveyed by social networks. .

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