In Greece, Euboea still vulnerable to fires

Will the Greek summer of 2022 be worse than the previous one? Ten months after the fires that ravaged Euboea, the island found itself again in the grip of fires this weekend. Your Nea rings “the alarm”, as summer is just beginning and fires are increasing in the country.

Saturday June 18, “the flames approached 700 meters from the village of Kremasto, which was evacuated even though the houses ultimately remained out of danger”, traces the daily life.

50,000 hectares last summer

One hundred and fifty firefighters and around thirty vehicles were mobilized to put out the fire, but “the flames have damaged many agricultural areas”, testifies the deputy governor of the island of Euboea in the columns of Your Nea.

Something to awaken the painful memory of last summer, during which more than 50,000 hectares of the island went up in smoke in a few days.

“A year after the catastrophic fires, mayors and producers in the region are complaining that no money has been disbursed for anti-flood works and for compensation”, denounces Efsyn.

“The only help comes from individuals, and tourism survives thanks to the solidarity of ordinary people.”

“According to official data from the catastrophic fires in Evia, last summer around 250,000 olive trees and more than 3,000 sheep and goats were burned,” recalls the opposition newspaper.

“Nothing was done”

Honey and resin producers have also been particularly affected by the fires. “The great pine forests in the area they were working in turned to ashes. Between 10,000 and 15,000 hives have burned down, and 55% of the resin production is now burned,” specifies the left-wing daily.

The governor of the region complains about “representatives of the reconstruction commission, who visit the schools and present an idyllic situation for the future of the north of the island, when nothing has been done in reality”, abounds I Avgi.

The newspaper close to the leftist party Syriza reports the visit of Alexis Tsipras to the region on June 16, during which the leader of the opposition “denounced the indifference and mockery of the government [et du Premier ministre conservateur] Kyriakos Mitsotakis”.

“Northern Evia offers itself to populist exercises” of the opposition, responds Kathimerini. “His passage ‘for the photos’ is only intended to exploit the anger of the inhabitants to recover votes”, denounces the pro-government daily.

film festival

“Nothing happens by magic. Restorations don’t happen overnight.” defend Kathimerini, highlighting the organization of a film festival, held this weekend, to energize the region.

Driven by the renowned Thessaloniki Festival, theEvia Film Project aims to attract visitors to the region to boost the local economy while raising awareness on global warming, the theme of the festival.

“Effort is a collective affair”, concludes Kathimerini.

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