In Guanajuato they toughen punishment against femicide

Guanajuato.- The local Congress approved several reforms to the crime of femicide to include the following: increase the prison sentence by up to a third, in the event that the victim is a minor, but even so, the maximum sentence remains as it has been up to now: in 60 years.

Femicide for political reasons and when there are signs of sexual violence even on a corpse are also included.

the deputy Cristina Marquez Alcalapresident of the Justice Commission, who ruled the reform, said that behind every femicide there is a broken dream, a mother without a daughter, a torn society. “What in the end we want to honor their lives, make them visible, that we lack.

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“We recognize that this is a special kind of violence.” And therefore they performed actions accordingly.

He recalled that today 11 women a day are murdered in the country. “Today it is not optional, today it is an urgent need. (…) with that conviction we bet for justice for them that we lack today, ”she highlighted.

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Deputy Gerardo Fernandez, from the PVEM, regretted that the tragedy of violence against women does not escape Guanajuato because it is positioned for the third consecutive year in homicides of women and because one is killed every 24 hours on average.

This crime has had a constant evolution and before this panorama we cannot be ignored in the legislation”, he admitted.

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The deputy mentioned that the reform approved yesterday includes assumptions that were not punishable before, such as the defenseless state of a single woman and violence towards a corpse.

What we are looking for today is to strengthen the institutions and provide tools that try to reduce impunity and guarantee justice in Guanajuato,” he stressed.

the deputy Maria de la Luz Hernandez, of the PAN, highlighted that femicide is not only the homicide of a woman, but the maximum expression of violence against them. “Each femicide is an affront. And in the face of this affront, we have decided to respond with an action.

This is so that the next generation doesn’t have to live in fear because we didn’t do anything.”

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The panist deputy Angelica Casillas He pointed out that the deputies accepted this call from society, which is fed up. “This reality becomes particularly painful, an aggression that destroys the lives of the victims and represents an intolerable opprobrium for the entire society.

Recognizing that political violence can lead to femicide is one more action for women,” she said.

‘Carlos Zamarripa, a ‘master of evasion’

Deputy Gerardo Fernández González, from the PVEMcriticized the prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa in his appearance before the State Congress, Well, he said that he was a “master of evasion”, “of excuses” and “of convenience”, ironizing the Teacher’s Day.

Because he pointed out that on Monday, the Prosecutor did not answer many of the questions from the deputies. “The document they presented us with is evasive.”

Carlos Zamarripa is the master of evasion. He put on a show to show off a rheumatic white elephant,” he stated on the congressional rostrum.

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He said that in his caucus they cannot understand how the prosecution was able to invest in infrastructure and not in attention to the victims of crimes or disappearances. And he justified this by saying that the Fund for Victims is self-sustaining.

“It also seems like he’s a master at giving speeches.” Well, out of six questions that the deputies of the PVEM, only one answered.

Gerardo Fernandez also criticized that Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre He also refused several times to talk about the judicial process that is being carried out against the elected federal deputy of the BREADthe irapuatense Jorgefor the alleged crime of sexual abuse.

But of other criminal acts, which are not finished either, he did show them off, such as the explosion with a gift-bomb in the restaurant bar 1604from Salamanca, in August of last year.

For that reason, he considered that “he is also a master of convenience.”

The legislator considered that the State Attorney “He has a master’s degree in making excuses.”

He regretted that the act of the appearance of the person in charge of investigating crimes in the State, which should have been an exercise in accountability and democracy, ended up being “a table of applause.”


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