In Hong Kong, Cardinal Zen and three other personalities arrested

At least four Hong Kong opposition figures were arrested on May 10 and 11, under the national security law, in connection with the funding of humanitarian aid for those prosecuted for their participation in the 2019 protests, according to the local press.

These people have the status of administrator of “Fund 612”, specified the site of the Hong Kong daily Mingpao. Among them are Lingnan University professor Hui Po Keung, jurist and former MP Margaret Ng, singer Denise Ho Wan-sze and Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun, 90, formerly in charge of the Catholic Diocese of Hong. Kong, widely known for his outspokenness and commitment to democracy.

The National Security Act in action

the South China Morning Post precise that the four personalities were arrested by the National Security Police, the body in charge of enforcing the law imposed by Beijing in June 2020. They are accused of “collusion with foreign forces”, says the site of the English daily without citing its sources. A fifth person, also an administrator of the 612 Fund, is already in detention for participating in an illegal assembly, but would not be prosecuted for these facts.

Hui Po-Keung was arrested on May 10 as he was about to fly to Germany. He was on the list of people who could be arrested if they tried to leave Hong Kong, the newspaper learned.

According to the police, as of March 31, 175 Hong Kongers had already been arrested under the national security law and 110 of them have already been charged.

Fund 612 ceased operations in October 2021, after police announced an investigation. The fund has distributed 243 million Hong Kong dollars (more than 29 million euros) to people sued or in difficulty because of the situation.

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