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In Irapuato there are 700 surveillance cameras and they all work 100%, says Secretary of Security

In Irapuato there are 700 surveillance cameras and they all work 100%, says Secretary of Security

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- In the municipality there are 700 surveillance cameras and all are working permanently and none is in poor conditionassured the Secretary of Citizen Security, Ricardo Benavides Hernández.

We are working on it, we have 700 cameras operating in the city and in different places and we have them working permanently,” he said.

When questioning him about comments from citizens that when they ask for camera images they are told that they are useless, The official commented that since they are devices, they can break down, but they are given immediate maintenance. so that they are operating at all times.

The moment one of them breaks down, the pertinent repairs are made immediately (how long do the repairs last?) It depends, it depends, they are electrical issues that are changed, modified, fixed and that’s it, “he said.

Regarding the project they had to increase the municipal chambers, he mentioned that they are working on an analysis of both the equipment, cameras and everything that the secretariat has and the topic is being analyzed very specifically.

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It is not a simple issue because there is talk of a very strong investment and well, logically they had not budgeted for it and right now the analysis is being done,” he added.

He mentioned that you cannot talk about the points where security cameras will be placedbecause it is a strategic issue.

The investment that would be needed to increase the number of cameras would depend on the results of the analysis, since it is necessary to know the points where they will be placed.the types of cameras that are needed and the links that are used to make them work.

The things that we are going to acquire, the equipment that we are going to acquire, the uniforms, the ballistic vests, the helmets, everything that we are going to acquire is always a matter of improvement, it is always of the best quality and gives us much better results. within the operation”, he indicated.

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