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In Israel, a Muslim judge enters the Supreme Court

In Israel, a Muslim judge enters the Supreme Court

Justice Khaled Kabub on Monday (May 9) became the first Muslim appointed to Israel’s Supreme Court, the country’s highest judicial authority, after being sworn in alongside some 80 other judges in a ceremony at the residence of President Isaac Herzog in Jerusalem, several Israeli media report.

Kabub was one of three new Supreme Court justices appointed by the Judicial Appointments Committee last February.

In the past, “several Christian Arabs have served on the Supreme Court in Israel, and a Muslim judge, Abdel Rahman Zuabi, served as interim judge in 1999, but Kabub’s appointment represents the first time a Muslim Arab has held a permanent seat,” tweeted Avi Mayer, director of public affairs at the American Jewish Committee.

Aged 64, Khaled Kabub, who succeeds Neal Hendel, began his judicial career at the Netanya Magistrate’s Court 24 years ago, and was promoted to the Tel Aviv District Court before moving on to become the vice-president, in 2017, noted The Times of Israel.

His most significant decision was the 2016 conviction of Nochi Dankner for manipulating the shares of IDB Holdings, the conglomerate Dankner controlled at the time.

The Israeli Supreme Court is called upon to rule on questions affecting society, the economy or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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