In Liguria, the wild horses of discord
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It is the history already seen of nature which takes back its rights. Facing her, men who first marvel, and then withdraw. This story takes place in the Aveto Natural Park, an isolated mountainous region of Liguria, located not far from the tourist hotspot of the Cinque Terre.

Here, at the end of the 1990s, a farmer who has become too old abandons his horses in the wild. The animals survive and, within a few years, multiply, eventually forming wild herds proper.

No idyll with the residents

An extremely rare event, according to Professor Marco Genchi, who describes the phenomenon in these terms on the columns of Espresso :

“Known populations of horses reverting to the wild are very few: they are found in Poland, Australia, Canada and the United States. There is something unique about the Aveto horses and they are very in

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