In North Korea, hackers unlock smartphones to access the outside world

A digital breach opens the door

ie towards a world of prohibited content in North Korea. “A small group of highly active smartphone hackers brave the world’s most restrictive digital regime,” explains the American and tech-savvy media The Wired. On April 27, a report from the NGO Lumen and researcher Martyn Williams details the use of smartphones in the dictatorship. If the restrictions to which they are subjected illustrate the totalitarianism of the regime, some citizens manage to unblock them “to regain control over their use” and gain access to banned media.

The report is based in particular on the individual interviews of two defectors. Interviewed independently, they described a similar unblocking technique applied to their own phones and those of their friends. “Other researchers specializing in North Korea who have had interviews with rebels report similar remarks”, adds The Wired. Some would even have marketed this service to increase the value of phones on the second-hand market.

Phones under constant surveillance

“There has always been a kind of perpetual struggle between the North American government

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