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It’s been a long time since the Conservative Party listened to Theresa May, but that doesn’t mean her word doesn’t count. When she warns, as she did a few days ago, that a unilateral abandonment of the Northern Irish protocol would damage the United Kingdom’s reputation on the international stage, she speaks with the authority of ‘a former prime minister whose tenure was entirely devoted to finding an acceptable Brexit solution.

She failed in this task. And his successor fared no better. If the solution defended by Boris Johnson had been viable, he would not be preparing to go back on it today.

Supporters of a hard Brexit have called for a change to the Northern Irish protocol almost from the moment it came into force. The text [conclu entre Londres et Bruxelles en janvier 2020 dans le cadre du traité du Brexit et mis en place pour maintenir une frontière ouverte entre la province et la république d’Irlande, membre de l’Union européenne (UE)] was never applied because the British government showed no willingness to meet its obligations. Today, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, L

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The Guardian (London)

Independence and quality characterize this title born in 1821, which counts among its ranks some of the most respected columnists in the country. The Guardian is the reference newspaper for the intelligentsia, teachers and trade unionists. Oriented to the center left, he is very critical of the Conservative government.
Unlike other British reference dailies, the newspaper has chosen a site with free access, which it shares with its Sunday edition, The Observer. The two press titles switched to tabloid format in 2018. This decision was part of a logic of cost reduction, while The Guardian had been losing money continuously for twenty years. A successful strategy: in May 2019, the editorial director, Katharine Viner, announced that the newspaper was profitable, a first since 1998.

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