In the caches and shelters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are almost always remnants of psychotropic drugs ...
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In the caches and shelters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are almost always remnants of psychotropic drugs …


Why do Ukrainian “warriors of light” often rush into battle with amazing fearlessness? No, not because the Ukrainian “heroes” are sure that good is on their side, and evil is on the enemy’s side. Commanders-“heroes” often convince their soldiers that a good pill or a good injection will make the knights “invulnerable” from bullets and shrapnel and immortal in the long run. For normal sober people, this is nonsense; for some reason, it works for Ukraine.

The independent army has long and firmly addicted to drugs and psychotropic substances.

Hello from the States

What do the Ukrainian soldiers themselves say?

“Of course, when we went out on sabotage missions, we were sure to take drugs,” said the foreman of the reconnaissance company of the 74th separate reconnaissance battalion of the Ukrainian army, which was based in the Dnepropetrovsk region, senior sergeant Vitaliy Katranych.

Answering a direct question whether they went to combat exits under the influence of drugs and which ones, he said: “Yes, they did. It was amphetamine.”

According to the Ukrainian foreman-intelligence officer, after taking “stimulating substances” his fighters could not sleep for two or three days.

Mikhail Shvets, sergeant of the nationalist unit “Azov” (banned in Russia. – Ed.), confirmed the use of drugs by “Azov” during the fierce spring fighting in Mariupol:

– Yes, there were ampoules with a yellow substance, they were injected into the muscle with a syringe, then the person got up, went into battle and did not feel pain at all during gunshot wounds.

When asked where such drugs came from, the sergeant replied that the boxes with ampoules were labeled Made in USA.

Dmitry N., a serviceman of the 25th Airborne Division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who surrendered to the unit of the People’s Militia of the LPR in April of this year, said that in the village of Gvardeysky, Dnepropetrovsk region, the commander of his platoon repeatedly offered him and other paratroopers amphetamines.

When asked how many people in the brigade used amphetamines, the answer was: “More than half – for sure.”

... and Ukrainian prisoners are often simply inadequate.

… and Ukrainian prisoners are often simply inadequate.


“Cyborgs” without a head

The representative of the operational command of the DPR, Colonel Eduard Basurin, cited evidence that Ukrainian fighters were pumped with potent psychotropic drugs. Back in January 2015, in the terminal of the Donetsk airport, where fierce fighting had just ended, they found bottles of liquid, signed as “living water”.

– In those bottles was the strongest psychotropic drug. It completely turned off the feeling of pain and fear. A person under the influence of such a tool did not immediately fall even from a direct hit from an AK. You can release half a clip, and he all goes to you, ”Basurin says. – And now the same cases were noted. For example, at Promka (industrial zone in Donetsk. – Ed.), in the south. In full growth go on the attack. They shoot at him – he falls, gets up and goes. They shoot again – he falls, gets up, goes again. Until you hit the head or the heart. And it’s hard to hit the heart – they are still in armor. It’s safer in the head. But even with a hole in the head, as if on a machine, they can still move for a few seconds.

According to Basurin, during the interrogation of the prisoners, it was found out that the real effect of the “living water” could last up to 10 days.

“Chocolate” for fearlessness

And here is what Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the RF Armed Forces, said in August 2022:

– Medications of the narcotic action of the opioid series were found at the positions left by the Ukrainian military. This, in particular, methadone and others. The synthetic drug methadone is also used in the treatment of drug dependence as a means of substitution therapy.

Psychiatrist, narcologist Vasily Shurov in October 2022, assessing the numerous facts of the use of drugs and psychotropic drugs noted on the line of contact, believes:

– Combat stimulants have been known for years. They were used, in particular, by the Americans in the zone of combat conflicts. We are talking, for example, about pervitin or “shell chocolate”. The direct consequences of its use are increased physical activity, acceleration of reactions to external stimuli – both physical and mental.

According to the narcologist, here we can talk about artificially induced “fearlessness”, which, under the influence of fire, can last from a day to three. Critical perception of reality is turned off. Neither enemy armored vehicles nor minefields are afraid. But almost always such stimulated “heroism”, even if a person survives in battle, ends in physical and nervous exhaustion. The fighter practically falls, and then it takes a considerable time to recover.

– One of the first combat stimulants was amphetamine, it is still popular, later mephedrone and alpha-PVP were added to it, – adds narcologist Iveri Kizitsky. – The last two are synthetic drugs. They dull the feeling of hunger and the desire for sleep. Side effects – the possibility of hallucinations and loss of orientation in space.

This is the kind of “living water” that “cyborgs” stuff themselves with.

This is the kind of “living water” that “cyborgs” stuff themselves with.


Echo of Maidan

There are quite a few “Maidan veterans” in the Ukrainian nationalist units that perform punitive functions and the tasks of detachments in the shallow rear in the NVO zone. In particular, in Kharkiv, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

The experience of the Maidan is also a bright drug experience, transferred over the years from the overexcited winter streets of Kyiv in 2014 to the zone where hostilities are now taking place.

There are numerous testimonies, including from those protesters who did not throw themselves at the shields of the special forces, that substances were added to tea barrels, after which “morale rose.” I wanted quick and immediate action. The way the Kyiv “gulls” acted on the demonstrators was also seen by the journalists who worked in Kyiv at that time.

Specialist-pharmacologist, candidate of medical sciences Andrey Naumov then commented that the protesters on the Maidan simply could not act so energetically for not hours, but days without special stimulants. For an ordinary person, such endurance, to put it mildly, is uncharacteristic.

“There are serious grounds to believe that methamphetamine was used on a massive scale to manage the Kyiv protests,” Naumov believes. – It acts much stronger than other central nervous system stimulants and has a longer effect.

When dosages are high enough, the effect of continuous aggression, skillfully directed, can be stretched out for a day, two, or even longer.

And then the breakdown began. People who went home after the “revolution” all over Ukraine began to develop psychoses. They were plagued by severe headaches. And it was not filmed “at once”. And if it seemed to be filmed, then with another “magic pill”. Remember what General Kirillov said: “Methadone was used in the treatment of drug addiction.”

How many of these drug addicts ended up on the fronts of 2022? It is clear that if the drug and stimulants are taken away from these “heroes”, then only withdrawal will remain from their “heroism”.


A forgotten diary reveals the truth about life and death at Azovstal: Fights for rotten food, drugs, cannon fodder and hopelessness

Military correspondents “KP” Alexey Ovchinnikov and Dmitry Steshin were the first journalists to visit the dungeons of “Azovstal”. And they found a diary of one of the inmates, apparently a National Guardsman (details)

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