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CEO of MigrationEnrique García, maintained this Tuesday that in Dominican Republic there are only two citizens Haitians with residence for investment.

“We are concerned about the pyrrhic number of residences for investment that citizens have Haitiansyou are going to be surprised, here they exist in Migration six registered residences for investment of citizens Haitiansof the six, four have expired, that is, here there are two citizens Haitians with residence by investment”, he indicated.

The official called on the Haitians or citizens of any nationality who are in those conditions of investors to regularize their situation.

García spoke in this regard when asked about information that reveals that an indeterminate number of businessmen Haitians They would meet in Santiago.


He said that having a company does not mean being legalized, “because it would be very easy to come to the country, set up a company and it would already be legalized.”

“If you are an investor, we have in the law certain facilities for foreigners who invest a minimum of 200,000 dollars in the country, if you invest a minimum of 200,000 dollars, you register with the institution that has to do with foreign investment, they they give him a kind of certificate, with that certificate he goes to Migration and the requirements that the law establishes, we issue him a residency for investment”, he stated.

Haitians illegal

about the amount of Haitians illegal in the country, García said he did not have the exact data.

“I have been sincere in that, when they ask me how many illegals there are in the country, I have sincerely told them, we don’t know, because now we are here talking and perhaps now they are entering through the border. It is the reality, if you ask me how many Spaniards are here, how many Swiss, Germans, I have an immigration control of them, because they enter me through a border point, ”said García in an interview on the Hoy Mismo program, of Color Vision.

He added that “when you talk to me about illegals entering through a land border that we are talking about right now and it is possible that they are entering it is a number that we cannot calculate.”

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