Anastasia Volochkova lost 95 million to the Bolshoi Theater

Anastasia Volochkova lost 95 million to the Bolshoi Theater

Anastasia Volochkova for many years fought to the death with the Bolshoi Theater. The shamefully exiled ballerina demanded tens of millions of rubles from the leadership of the cultural institution for 18 years of work. After a high-profile scandal in 2003, according to her documents, she, according to her, was still listed in the Bolshoi and received money every month, but allegedly did not hold it in her hands. After 19 years, this drama has come to an end.

Anastasia Volochkova lost the court to the Bolshoi Theater. The ballerina demanded to pay her 95 million rubles for almost 20 years of work, but the court sided with the cultural institution. But with these capitals it is possible to maintain a country house and pay for servants.

“We will appeal. The court dismissed the lawsuit,” the Zvezdach Telegram channel quotes the artist’s lawyer Yevgeny Korchago.

A little earlier Anastasia threw a tantrum near the building of the Tverskoy Court. During the interview, she talked about the hardships of her hard life. At some point, the artist of large and small theaters, barely seeing the cameras, began to sob in three streams.

“Give me the opportunity to realize my abilities, all my ways. I no longer have the strength! I am 46 years old. Do you understand or not?!” Nastya shouted, covering her face theatrically with her hands and spreading her long fingers. On one of them, a ring with an emerald the size of a quail egg and diamonds sparkled dazzlingly.

Recall that the confrontation between Volochkova and the Bolshoi Theater began after her shameful dismissal in 2003. Then the management refused to renew the contract. Like, Nastya has become so stout that it is allegedly difficult for her to find a partner who could lift an overwhelming burden. Then the beauty was able to achieve reinstatement at work through the court, but she was not involved in any of their performances.

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