Fat Martin

On Friday with the marathon run the start of the nine-kilometer World Cup competition in Hungary in the Hungarian World Cup Noic Garioud he made the final round of the duel against Australian Kaelan Lockhart.

Bulgarian Andrej Kraitor, who finished as the bronze medalist yesterday, showed great form during the pre-battles for the 200-meter sprint. as well as Károly Márton as the only Hungarian.

Márton Kövér, who finished as the best in the overture, was in a much stronger first race, despite going 1: 03.47, finishing in fifth place in the first semi-final, and despite being only two faster in the second race, he eventually missed the final.

Inflatable skateboarders

The afternoon program started with the inflatable skateboarding competition, in the open competition even those who saw the possibility of this from the Friday night party on Saturday morning could try their hand, and accordingly the field was torn apart nicely in the three-kilometer competition (including there were those who stood for SUP for the first time today!).

It was a little surprising that Fat Martin he tried to take the lead after the start, heir champion and our marathon canoe won the race with confidence.

Such is the racing, I got a very strong mid-race, and actually an easier one, and I got into the very strong one, where I was also re-classified as a chance guy with a broken shoulder, so we started not just eight as everywhere else, but nine, even it might even have been right for him to make the final one and a half more people than I would have been, ”said Márton Kövér. – It would have been good to move on, I would have fought for the best Hungarian title here as well, but that was not given now. So much consolation that over time I am the best.

After the three-kilometer race of inflatable skateboarders, there was still a task ahead of him, as the goal in the B final was to be the first Hungarian, as our compatriot, who finished in the first two positions, could qualify for the World Championships in Poland. The question arose as to how tired those three miles were before the sprint closed.

I am most tired by these 200 meters, as a marathon racer I can run long distances, I can go up to 30 kilometers, but these sprints take me out of it. I don’t usually do such loads, these 200s are more tiring.

He added Fat Martin.

In the ladies field Dobi Etelka Heabel Petronio from Slovenia also finished first with a convincing advantage, finishing best as a non-Hungarian.




  1. Martin Fat 19: 44.55 minutes
  2. Attila Zénó Szabó 20: 32.73
  3. Zöllner Viktor 21.09.34


  1. Dobi Etelka 24: 15.56
  2. Ebenspanger Dora 24: 40.46
  3. Gonda Helga 25: 27.79

The sprint race

At the end of the day came the AC finals of the sprint numbers in the two gender races, leaving the biggest thrills to the end.

In B, the poorly started Márton Kövér finally became the best Hungarian, so he fought for the participation in the world championship.

In A as expected Noic Garioud and Andrei Kraitor fought a giant, and finally a New Caledonian racer won another gold.

The real drama is over, because at the ladies’ finish it looked like the German Hannah Leni Krah could celebrate, but in the end, the gold medalist yesterday Caterina Stenta he bowed it down at the finish line and preceded it by two centuries.

SPRINT (200m)


  • 1. Noic Garioud (New Caledonia) 54.50
  • 2. Andrej Kraitor (Bulgaria) 55.72
  • 3. Trevor Tunnington (New Zealand) 1: 00.67
  • … 7. Márton Károly 1:10:09


  • 1. Caterina Stenta (Italy) 1: 12.07
  • 2. Hannah Leni Krah (Germany) 1: 12.09
  • 3. Iva Dundová (Czech Republic) 1: 14.70
  • … 6. Slekta Réka 1: 19.77
  • … 8. Esther Rasztotzky 1: 28.17

The further schedule

THE technical category Sunday Preliminary races start at 10 a.m., with a women’s and men’s final at 1:30 p.m., followed by the announcement of the results of the World Cup in Hungary.

(Cover image: Hannah Leni Krah and Caterina Stenta. Photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)

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