Gleice has a daughter, currently 9 years old, and was touched by the story of the baby who fights for life.  (Photo: Personal Archive)

The baby remains hospitalized at the HU, with 24-hour care, attention and affection from the team

Gleice has a daughter, currently 9 years old, and was touched by the story of the baby who fights for life. (Photo: Personal Archive)

Portrait of a deep Brazil, little Maria, who in 43 days of existence struggles for survival and lost her mother, also reflects a wave of love for the country.

After 14 “no” from couples from Mato Grosso do Sul who were in the SNA (National Adoption and Acolhimento) queue, that is, qualified for the adoption of newborns, the possibility of adopting the baby was opened to Brazil . Maria is still an unofficial name, but it baptizes more than 100 thousand people from Mato Grosso do Sul.

First, the Court will analyze 37 people registered with the SNA nationwide. If the search is not successful, it will evaluate those who made contact by e-mail and telephone. Until yesterday, there were already 700 electronic messages.

This net of love also resounds in the Campo Grande News, which tells here the journey of Janaína, Gleice and Elisandra. They represent the many women who sought out the newspaper reporting their desire to take care of the child.

“If I were the chosen one, I would already be there”. The statement was made by Janaína da Silva Lima, 29, who lives in Juazeiro do Norte (Ceará), 2,774 kilometers from Campo Grande. She is the mother of an angel, a baby who left at birth at 35 weeks (eight months).

“I went into labor, but he was already lifeless inside me. I never forget my son. And it is very difficult to see a child in such a situation. I really want to be this princess’s mother”, says Janaína, about her and her husband’s dream of adopting the child.

A 35-year-old nursing technician, Gleice Santos, a resident of Campo Grande, tells of her desire to adopt the baby and increase the family. She is married, has a 9-year-old daughter and is “tempting” (three years of trying to get pregnant).

Due to her profession, she has contact with premature newborns and was touched by seeing many go to shelters. In the case of Maria, she was astonished at the refusal of those qualified in the adoption queue.

“My daughter was born premature, I spent some time in the hospital and thank God she is healthy today. Every child gets sick. My daughter was hospitalized twice in the past week, but I stayed there, side by side. Child gets sick, she can’t help it”, she says.

The protagonist of a hard personal journey, Elisandra da Silva Ribeiro, 40, was moved by the baby’s story. Maria lost her mother, Elisandra lost five children during her pregnancy.

Elisandra made contact with Justice for adoption.  (Photo: Personal Archive)
Elisandra made contact with Justice for adoption. (Photo: Personal Archive)

“I learned from Campo Grande News and it touched me a lot. She is so small and has no one to stay with”, says Elisandra, who lives in Bandeirantes, 70 km from the capital.

While there is no definition about the baby’s adoption, she remains hospitalized at the HU (University Hospital) in Campo Grande. There, Maria and the other babies receive 24-hour care, attention and affection from the team.

The child has episodes of seizure and is fed by tube. At birth, he had a lack of cerebral oxygenation, which compromised brain functions.

The biological mother died a few days after delivery, but she had not gone through prenatal care even once. As a result, the baby was born with serious health problems.

Maria’s journey hit the news days before a very important date. May 25th marks “National Adoption Day”. Currently, 86 children and adolescents are available for adoption in Mato Grosso do Sul. Up to 2 years old, there are only four. From 2 to 6 years old, there are 16 children.

Service – To facilitate access to interested couples, Justice also made available a contact via WhatsApp at (67) 3907-5760. There is also the number (67) 98462-8245 or the email: [email protected]

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