Complete outrage! An old woman was abandoned on the street, presumably by her relatives, inside cardboard boxes in the Joaquín Colombres neighborhood in the capital of Puebla, Mexico.

The neighbors heard various noises early this Thursday, August 4, 2022 on December 25th street.

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Since everything was dark, they only looked out their windows and saw that some people were arranging cardboard boxes in front of a stationery store.

When they left their homes in the morning, people approached and realized that inside was an old lady in pajamas, lying on blankets and covered with another brown one, from the waist down.

People decided to dial the emergency numbers to report the case to the authorities.


They call the municipal DIF

Personnel from the DIF Municipal System responded to the call aboard their official units.

Upon arrival, they assessed the old lady who was allegedly abandoned by her relatives, whose identity is unknown.

In addition, the organization’s workers took her to their facilities to provide her with the services she needs.


The residents of the place demanded that the authorities open an investigation to find those responsible for abandoning the old lady and punish them legally.

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