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In the midst of the controversy over “irregularities” in social plans, federal prosecutor Eduardo Taiano requested to initiate an investigationfor which he demanded information from the Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz.

The controversy was unleashed when an AFIP report was released indicating that More than 250,000 beneficiaries of Potenciar Trabajo bought dollars and declared Personal Assets.

What is behind the investigation by Potenciar Trabajo: 25 percent is irregular

At first, the minister assured that “it cannot be confirmed that there have been irregularities”, as he told Chain 3. However, days later, he promised to “order social policies”, but called to avoid “double stigmatization”.

At the same time, recognized that “947 holders will be suspended and will be in an evaluation stage”as well as they will discharge the 2,800 beneficiaries who had died. Likewise, he clarified that “99.7% of the people who are in the plan receive the benefit”.

The request was made by Juan Zabaleta before the assumption of Tolosa Paz.

The judicial investigation into the controversy with Potenciar Trabajo

Once the result of the cross-linking of information with the AFIP was known, the prosecutor Guillermo Marijuan carried out a preliminary investigation and filed a complaint that was in charge of federal court 11, in charge of Julián Ercolini.

Ercolini delegated the investigation to prosecutor Eduardo Taiano, who also took the complaint made by the deputy Waldo Wolf. Thus, with the two complaints, the prosecutor requested the corresponding information.

The Civic Coalition points to Emilio Pérsico for irregularities in Empowering Work

According to information from NAthe greatest suspicions are that people who have registered formal employment, some fugitives from Justice or owners of commercial premises, as well as tenants or usufructers, perceived the Potenciar Trabajo.

Taiano asked the AFIP for the complete report and the Central Bank He asked that “the number of beneficiaries who charge by transfer and which others do so by ATM” be notified..

In parallel, Marijuan opened another preliminary investigation to analyze the conduct of Minister Tolosa Paz, for only deregister the beneficiaries who died and those who will be evaluated, but not the 250,000 who present irregularities.

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