In the Philippines, the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos wins the presidential election

“It’s an incredible turnaround” for the Philippines, note Nikkei Asia. Ferdinand Marcos Junior, son of the late dictator of the same name, won a landslide presidential victory in the archipelago on Tuesday, reinstalling his family clan at the top of power, “36 years after this political dynasty was ousted by a revolution [populaire] ”. A return that would once have seemed “unthinkable” for this family “forced into a humiliating exile [aux États-Unis] in 1986 », note it JapanTimes.

According to results covering more than 90% of the constituencies, Marcos Junior, nicknamed “Bongbong”won nearly 30 million votes, about twice as much as her main rival, outgoing vice president Leni Robredo. “The gigantic crowds that turned out during the rallies in favor [de cette dernière] were eventually eclipsed by a larger part of society that longed for the return of a Marcos to the presidential palace”, note The Philippine Star.

“A vast disinformation campaign on social networks”

For years, Marcos Junior has been trying to rehabilitate his father’s legacy, denying the accusations of corruption against him and the brutality of his regime. Some observers have denounced “an extensive disinformation campaign on social networks aimed at erasing his bad reputation”, underlines the South China Morning Post. Many pro-Marcos Junior accounts pass off to young Filipinos the twenty years of Marcos’ rule as a golden era of peace and prosperity for the Philippines, ignoring the tens of thousands of opponents arrested, tortured or killed, and the billions of dollars stolen from the coffers of the country.

The victory of the son, Marcos Junior, “raises heavy questions about the future of Southeast Asia’s oldest democracy”, estimate the New York Times. “Many fear a worsening of impunity with regard to the powerful”, notes the American daily. Marcos Junior notably promised to protect one of his most important supporters, the outgoing authoritarian president Rodrigo Duterte, targeted by an investigation by the International Criminal Court for his drug war marked by thousands of murders committed by the police. .

“The Marcos-Duterte tandem represents the political marriage of two of the most powerful dynasties in the country”, note the correspondent of the washington post in Manila, Régine Cabato. “Experts believe that this system, in which families and personalities dominate politics, is closely linked to corruption and poverty, because government spending and politics are associated with personal favors and not with public obligations. ”. Questioned on Tuesday by the washington postFilipino political scientist Julio Teehankee nevertheless estimated that a new corruption scandal could prove to be “fatal” for Marcos Junior.

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