In the tensions between the DRC and Rwanda, what role does Uganda play?

“After the capture of Bunagana by the M23, the role of Uganda questions”, relief Afrikarabia. The M23, or March 23 Movement, is a movement born of a former Tutsi rebellion in eastern Congo. A time disarmed and quartered in Uganda, he resumed fighting this year, accusing the Congolese government of not respecting the agreement of March 23, 2009, under which his fighters were to be incorporated into the army.

Kinshasa was already accusing its Rwandan neighbor of supporting the M23; since June 13 and the capture by the rebels of this city located in the east of the DRC, on the Ugandan border, there is also the question of the position of Kampala, explains the site based in Paris and specialized in current events of central Africa. Local military sources told him that “the M23 allegedly attacked the town ‘from behind’, that is to say from Uganda”.

In this regard, the analysis site notes that Rwanda like Uganda “have always intervened regularly with their neighbor for very diverse reasons: to maintain pressure on the Congolese government, to perpetuate the trafficking of raw materials or to continue to agitate the external threat to better control its internal opposition”.

A country very rich in mineral resources

In parallel, turkish news agency Anadolu noted on June 15 that the DRC decided to freeze the ratification of economic agreements concluded with Uganda, “believing that Kampala has ‘betrayed’ Kinshasa” in conc

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