Carriers demand to receive diesel at the same value as in the city of Buenos Aires

SAN MIGUEL DE TUCUMÁN.- With blockades in different parts of the province that prevent the passage of trucks, the indefinite strike called by the Association of Freight Carriers of Tucumán (ATC) began from the first minutes of this Tuesday to demand a solution to the crisis of gasoil.

Carriers demand to receive diesel at the same value as in the city of Buenos AiresFerdinand Font

Despite the fact that the head of the entity, Eduardo Reinoso, had assured that it would be “a peaceful protest on the side of the road” and that pickets would not be held, carriers block the passage on route 302, in Cevil Pozo, in eastern Tucuman, and at the junction roundabout with route 9, in one of the accesses to the provincial capital, among other strategic points for cargo transportation. They only allow the circulation of private cars, passenger groups and smaller vehicles.

Due to cuts, there are dozens of trucks that decided not to participate in the measure and are stranded without being able to move forward, which generates a climate of tension with the protesters.

Freight Transport Stoppage in Tucumán due to lack of diesel
Freight Transport Stoppage in Tucumán due to lack of dieselFerdinand Font

Upon confirming the carrier strike, the interim governor, Osvaldo Jaldo, Yesterday, he filed two complaints: one in the Provincial Justice and another in the Federal Prosecutor’s Office on duty, to request that preventive measures be taken in order to guarantee the right to free movement on Tucuman routes. So far there has been no measure ordered by the Justice to release the passage in the sectors where the cuts are made.

The ATC had called for a strike two weeks ago, but the measure had been suspended after a commitment by the provincial government that the lack of diesel would be resolved. However, as the situation due to fuel shortages was not resolved, the entity decided to move forward with the measure from 0 am on Tuesday.

“It is a protest for an indefinite period of time. The reason is the lack of federalism,” he told THE NATION Kingdom. The leader argued that in Tucumán a liter of diesel is $30 more expensive than in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. And he added that in Buenos Aires, in addition to being worth less, “they fill the tank, while in Tucumán they don’t.”

The measure of force is for an indefinite period
The measure of force is for an indefinite periodFerdinand Font

“What we are looking for is federalism, that we get the YPF price at the same price as in Buenos Aires and that they fill the tank for the carriers because today they do not give you more than 100 liters to 200 liters at the slate price,” Indian.

“Today they don’t give you more than 100 to 200 liters at the slate price”

Eduardo Reinoso

The president of the ATC assured that those who need more fuel than is sold in the northern province must pay $200 to $300 per liter. He stressed that the sector he represents intends that in Tucumán it be sold at the same price as in CABA, where, after the 12% rise that has been in force since this week, a liter of common diesel went on to cost $128 and premium $162, 40.

The ATC is attached to the Argentine Federation of Business Entities of Freight Transport (Fadeeac), an entity that prepared a map on fuel scarcity according to which there are 20 provinces and CABA with problems in the supply of diesel.

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