In Tunisia, the draft new Constitution finalized on the sly

On June 20, Sadok Belaïd, president of the National Consultative Commission for a New Republic, presented to the Head of State the draft of the new Constitution which will be submitted to a referendum on July 25, reports the state newspaper The Press. “On receiving the project, the Head of State specified that this is only a ‘draft Constitution, and that certain articles could be revised’.

The state newspaper further indicates that “the political regime, which promises to be presidential, will also be at the heart of this Constitution”. But for its detractors, and in particular the Salvation Front, which brings together the main opposition parties, Kais Saied “wants to set up a hybrid political system which only serves its interests and gives it absolute prerogatives”.

But last week, the arabic daily Maghreb published a document which would be part of the first version of the draft Constitution.

In a statement on June 20, on the occasion of a

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