In Ulyanovsk mastered the production of auto parts, previously supplied from abroad

The Ulyanovsk plant “Signal” actively joined the process of import substitution, having mastered the production of spare parts previously supplied from Korea, China and European countries.

“Signal” is a wide profile enterprise. The plant began operating in 2003 and is engaged in the development and manufacture of products for the automotive and furniture industries using metalworking, cold stamping, and plastic molding technologies. Import substitution at the enterprise was undertaken in two directions at once. But, of course, the production of automotive components seems to be the most strategically important.

Now the plant has successfully switched to the production of products that have replaced those that were previously supplied to Russia from South Korea, China and European countries. And recently it was possible to master the production of parts for automobile engines, which are assembled at the Ulyanovsk Motor Plant, which is part of the GAZ group.

Back in 2014, the Ulyanovsk motor plant began producing the Ivatek engine, developed jointly with Korean specialists. Accordingly, some of the components for it (rocker arm cover, receiver, oil crankcase) had to be brought to the city on the Volga from Korea.

But now the supplier of their peers is literally a few kilometers away. As a result, thanks to this, the cost of manufacturing parts has decreased by as much as 30 percent. By the way, raw materials are also purchased nearby – for example, plastic, previously supplied from Germany, now comes to Ulyanovsk from Moscow and Samara.

– And in March, our plant began to cooperate with the Dimitrovgrad enterprise “Avtosvet” – the possibility of manufacturing a number of components for JSC “AvtoVAZ”, which were previously supplied from abroad, is being studied. After the technological development of this import-substituting project, it is planned to apply for financial support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, – said William Vruchtel, director of Signal.

By the way, the Signal plant has been introducing its own developments in the Ulyanovsk region for several years, thereby ousting foreign competitors. The company gradually increases wages and is ready to accept new employees.

– I also note that the plant is actively cooperating with the Ulyanovsk State Technical University, helping students to acquire practical skills, – said Ulyanovsk Governor Aleksey Russkikh, who recently visited the plant’s workshops.

Sanctions are not sugar. However, it has now become easier for such domestic innovative enterprises as the Signal plant to find their way to the conveyors of Russian auto giants.

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