INAI investigates AMLO for disclosure of private data of Loret de Mola

Mexico City.- The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data launched an investigation for disclosure of private data of Carlos Loret de Mola.

It is an ex officio investigation after the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador make public, during his morning conference, some official documents with the journalist’s private data.

Two weeks ago, the President disclosed information about an apartment, allegedly owned by Loret de Molawith an alleged value greater than 48 million pesos and another property that he owns in Brave Valley.

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During his press conference on April 25 in National Palacel, Obrador also stated that the communicator’s family owns 12 other apartments.

And this week the federal government continued with the private disclosure of the columnist of The universal.

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Elizabeth Garcia Vilchispresenter of the section “who’s who in the lies of the week”, declared that “this government does not persecute opponents”, at the same time that she presented information on the supposed properties of the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola.

“To deepen”, the person in charge of “the lies of the week” exposed in the Treasury Room images of an alleged property in bravo valley of Loret.

And he assured that the newscaster in Radius Formula It boasts a mansion in Valle de Bravo of 780 square meters on two levels that has two swimming pools, a tennis and soccer field, as well as a wooded area and an artificial lake of 60 square meters that in total measures more than 34 thousand square meters.

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Based on a note broadcast in a medium identified as AD News, the federal official pointed out that the seller of the property would have been Miguel Lemon Rojas, Secretary of Education during the government of the former president Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon.

“But Loret still does not clarify the origin of his income to buy such luxurious properties, such as the most expensive tower in Mexico City and let’s remember that he is not the only one, and also with his property in Valle de Bravo he is an accomplice of damage environment,” accused Vilchis.

Before the volley the communicator of the portal Latinus He denied the information and clarified that “I have worked all my life in front of the public. The one who has not worked is his son José Ramón López Beltrán. And for revealing the luxuries of him with which he lives in Houston, AMLO has me in his sights.”

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