As in CABA, they ask to ban inclusive language in Santa Fe schools.

Following in the footsteps of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), the representatives of Together for the Change of Santa Fe they ask that the regulation of the use of inclusive language in schools both state and private.

“We trust that in Santa Fe we can imitate the decision adopted by CABA and thus avoid any obstacle to learning for our children and adolescents”, maintains the presented initiative, and adds: “The Spanish language offers many options to be inclusive without the need to misrepresent or add complexity to reading comprehension and fluency.”

This project was presented by the deputy and evangelical pastor Walter Ghionefrom the UNO block, and had the support of the legislators: Ximena Alone (PvC), Berina Florito (Federal Republican Gathering) and Sebastian Juleriac Pinasco (ARI).

As in CABA, they ask to ban inclusive language in Santa Fe schools. (@WalterGhione/)

We agree that each one speaks and expresses himself as he wishes, but the language used in the education system is Spanish. and its grammatical rules must be respected without altering its morphology”, remarks Ghione and arguing that “inclusion is not built by changing the grammatical rules, but teaching respect and love for others”.

In addition, the provincial deputy maintained that there are other more pressing issues to discuss in schools than the use of the “E”, since in Santa Fe there are schools in which “there is no natural gas In the middle of the polar cold wave season, I even had to visit one where the students they teach classes on old boards and chairs”.

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