'Incredible', 'exaggeration';  Chacón and Ramos Rizo point out before repeating the penalty for America

CDMX.- In the second half, America had a penalty in favor, after a lack of Diego de Buen a BrunoValdes, hence Diego Valdes charged and Anthony Silva stopped, but the ‘singer’ Fernando Guerrero determined to repeat it, and former whistlers like Paco chacon Y Philip Curly Bouquets They assured me that it should not have been so.

On the play, Antony Silva moved down the line and Diego Valdes charged, so the Paraguayan goalkeeper stopped, but the whistler Fernando Guerrero He repeated the shot from eleven steps, ensuring that the Puebla goalkeeper did not step on the line at the time of the shot.

Incredible that he repeats the penalty that Silva de Puebla stopped; the goalkeeper’s heel is on the line at the time of the execution”, explained Paco Chacón.

For Philip Curly Bouquets it was “an exaggeration the repetition of the penalty”, which was noted by Diego Valdes on his second chance.

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David Faitelson, Javier Alarcón and more react for the repetition of the penalty

For David Faitelsonafter America’s goal, pointed out that “The VAR 2, Puebla 1”, adding that there are people who say that “the America shirt does not weigh with arbitration in a league”.

Javier Alarcon he wrote that the penalty was scored well, but the replay was “ridiculously biased”.

For Marco Cancinothe penalty should not have been repeated and the decision was “a scandal” and for Paco Gonzalez The referee was “rigorist”.

From the eleven paces, Diego Valdés scored the second goal for América in the second leg against Puebla at the Azteca Stadium.

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