Incredible nature photos captured in 2022

Like This, Dad? or so, dad?

“The pandemic has forced us to slow down and take inspiration from nature, reconnect with it and remember its beauty,” says South Australian Museum Director Brian Oldman. “As things return to normal and the world opens, these images are the perfect inspiration to continue deepening our relationship with the natural world and reflect on our impact.”

The photographs to which Oldman refers are those of the prestigious Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest, which, since its inception in 2004, has been compiling a fantastic selection of the best images of fauna, flora or landscapes of the regions of Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea.

Due to the growth of the competition over two decades, this year the contest introduces three new categories focused on astrophotography, animals in the wild and urban animals, which join the existing ones, offering an impressive selection of finalists. that we show you in this photo gallery.

Diving Duck or diving duck

Night Eagle or nocturnal eagle

The Long Lady or The Long Lady

Night Light Dining or Dining room with night light

From Farm to Plate or From Farm to Plate

The Red Indian or The Red Indian

King of The Hill or King of the hill.

Bugged Out or Out of Budget

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